Exactly what you need when you are preparing for a dinner party, let alone Christmas dinner. Holidays call for the most decadent dishes of the year. And some of the most sensational dishes to grace your table are the stuffed meat rolls.

Stuffed meat rolls are not only delicious but also pretty easy to prepare.

Just think about a stuffed flank steak roasted to perfection! They are relatively inexpensive, versatile and is great at feeding a group. You can use chicken, pork, lamb, turkey or beef and the stuffing brings variety too: herbs, veggies, hard boiled eggs, dried fruits and so on.

We have selected ten recipes that are very serious contender for top spot on your Christmas table!

1. Matambre – Argentinian Stuffed Flank Stake

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via www.jocooks.com

Matambre is an Argentinian stuffed flank steak with all kinds of goodies inside. The stuffing is a mixture of garlic, cilantro, parsley and olive oil, bell peppers and hard boiled eggs.

After butterflying a very thin cut of beef (flank steak), take a meat mallet and pound it until it’s even, add the stuffing, roll it up and with some butcher twine tie up to make sure it holds together. All that’s left to do now is grill it to perfection.

2. Turkey Rolls Stuffed with Sausage and Cranberries

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via karmelowy.pl (scroll down for English version)

These beautiful turkey rolls are perfect for the Holiday season as well as for dinner parties. For the stuffing you will have to saute the onions, mushrooms with the fresh sage and cook the dried cranberries in white wine in a separate pan. When the roulade is ready cook it in a skillet until each side is browned, than roast in the oven for further 30 minutes.

3. Stuffed Flank Steak with Prosciutto and Goat Cheese

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via www.anotherpintplease.com

If this is your fist time preparing a stuffed flank steak, follow this helpful step-by-step guide. It will take you through all the steps from butterflying the meat, to grilling it to perfection.

The stuffing is an aromatic mix of herbs such as parsley, garlic, walnuts and creamy goat cheese and thin slices of prosciutto.

4. Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Flank Steak with Brussels Sprouts

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via www.grandbaby-cakes.com

This Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Flank Steak with Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the side is going to grace your dinner table. The steak is stuffed with sauteed mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs, fresh spinach, breadcrumbs, butter and roasted to perfection.

The Brussels sprouts are easy to prepare, simply drizzle with olive oil, balsamic and salt and pepper before roasting.

5. Roasted Rolled Turkey Breast

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via www.melangery.com

Roasted turkey breasts are deliciously moist and tender. This recipe gives the meat a lot of flavor using a piquant marinade. After butterflying the turkey breasts, season them with salt and pepper and spread the marinade – minced garlic, herbs, lemon juice and white wine – evenly, than put it in refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Now you only have to roll it up and roast!

6. Braciole di Manzo – Italian Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via www.daringgourmet.com

This is a recipe for the fans of the Italian cuisine (who does not love it, by the way…)! Braciole is a delicious, traditional dish from Italy with a combination of flavors that will make you fall in love with it.

The filling consists of Prosciutto, pine nuts, raisins, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and herbs. Delicious, distinctive, and fun to make and serve and it has a festive feel to it.

7. Rolled Rack of Lamb Roast

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via cookinginsens.wordpress.com

This one is a very simple and even more delicious recipe, starring lamb. You will need to marinate the rolled rack of lamb roast overnight in a garlic, thyme, rosemary and olive oil mixture. Than roll it up, with some butcher twine tie up to make sure it holds together.

Place it on a bed of baby potatoes, baby carrots, parsley and onions and roast in the oven until the meat is tender.

8. Pork Roulade with Butternut Squash ad Ginger Chutney

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via thehealthyfoodie.com

This delicious Pork Roulade with Candied Butternut Squash and Ginger Chutney is definitely a recipe that you might want to save for special occasions. After preparing the aromatic chutney – with ginger, butternut squash, walnuts, raisins, cardamom, cinnamon, clove – spread it over the entire surface of the meat, roll it up and place it in a Dutch oven. Roast for 2,5-3 hours.

9. Apricot-Whiskey Glazed Chicken Roulade

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via thecozyapron.com

This Apricot-Whiskey Glazed Chicken Roulade is a simple breast of chicken stuffed with a savory, dried apricots, toasted pecans, fresh herbs and topped off with a warming and sweet apricot-whiskey glaze. It makes an elegant dinner, also perfect for your Christmas table.

10. Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf

TOP 10 Festive Stuffed Meat Roll Recipes

Recipe via www.oliviascuisine.com

Forget about dry, blend meatloafs! Here is the bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed meatloaf, an exciting version of the classic American comfort dish. The meat mixture is made with ground chuck and ground sirloin, and cheese for extra flavor! The whole loaf is topped with bacon plus a glaze that adds a bit of sweetness to the meatloaf.

Prepare this easy dish during the holidays for your guests, and don’t forget to make meatloaf sandwiches with the leftovers.