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Top 10 Summer Cocktail Recipes

There is nobody in this world that doesn’t get excited when summer is mentioned and it’s about to knock on our door. Light clothes, light meals, light thoughts, light everything. The mood is perfect, the vibe everywhere it’s just as it is supposed to be and there is nothing that can break our happiness. But, there is something to increase it. Yes, cocktails.

Frozen, fruity, refreshing, cold, mixed, strong or light, colorful. Lots of kinds. And we love them all. We chose top 10 summer cocktails for you to try and just enjoy the beauty of this season!

Blue Moon Mango Margaritas


The best you can do is to use fresh mango and muddle it. Sip some simple syrup, tequila, blue moon beer ( you can use honey as well ), mix it in, shake it, pour it and love it.

Sexy White Wine Sangria


Spanish people made a good choice when inventing sangria. There’s been a lots of changes around the world about this particular drink, and we love this one. It is full of unusual fruits fro sangria, it’s white because it’s for summer and it tastes amazing. Pitchers are friend’s best friend. Get your friends together and run for this white sexy sangria!

White Peach-Lavender Soda


Very nice drink after a hangover. It is very fresh, smells amazing and full of vitamins. Have you ever tried lavender before? If you haven’t, this is your time. Make this drink at home, invite your friends for brunch and kick off that hangover from last night.

Pink Lemonade Margarita


This is a very friendly drink and the name is very exotic. So whenever you invite friends over on pink lemonade margarita, the chances they gonna say no are almost zero. The recipe is very easy, very refreshing and lovely. Cheers!

Blueberry Mojito


Did you know that a regular mojito can be substituted with many other fruits? This one in particular, while muddling the ming, sugar and lime, add a hand full of blueberries and muddle as well. The rest is the same, you will just have a fruity, refreshing summer drink that it is old, but in a new way.

Peach Nectar And Rosemary Simple Syrup


Imagine you and your partner, watching the sunset and sipping this cocktail while cool breeze is slightly touching your hair. You will feel loved and you will love. It is a perfect match. Try it out.

Sonic Screwdriver


Why not change some rituals and classics? If you are lover of the regular screwdriver and that is all you drink, add some blue curacao in it and you will be surprised how it tastes the same, but still, different.

Sex In The Driveway


Blue curacao again. Very well combined with vodka and peach schnapps. Dry, bitter and sweet, refreshing and tasty. The color is appealing as well.

Cucumber-Cilantro Margarita


Summer call! Super tasty, it bring all the feelings out and it brings the good mood on a higher level! Definitely an all night drink, you never get sick of!

Green Tea Margarita


If you forgot you daily dose of green tea this morning, you can make it up at night for sure. Combined with margarita, green tea gives an smooth and refreshing touch on this cocktail. Must try!

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