Top 10 Bloodylicious Halloween Drinks

TOP 10 Bloodylicious Halloween Drinks | Top Inspired

Halloween parties are about spooky costumes, creepy makeup, so why not create spooky drinks as well? It is easy to make something gory using red fruits, berries, Grenadine syrup, or Creme de Cassis. Be it a delightful cocktail, punch, or shot, any of these drinks will be a great addition to your party. After all, the party isn’t a … Read more

Top 10 Fantastic Fresh Fruit Alcoholic Cocktails

Top 10 Fantastic Fresh Fruit Alcoholic Cocktails #7 Will Drive You Crazy | Top Inspired

You will often hear that fresh is best when it comes to mixing drinks, which is very accurate. No matter if we are talking of all fresh-squeezed juice, a mix of two or more different fruits, or mixed with some alcohol. Whenever possible, you should be using fresh fruits. Especially during the summer, when we … Read more