Top 10 Winter Decorations With Paper Doilies

TOP 10 Winter Decorations With Paper Doilies | Top Inspired

Paper doilies are great crafting materials. They are both easy to work with and very affordable. The pretty lacy paper doilies don’t only look good under your cup of coffee but they can be turned into envelopes, Christmas tree toppers and other decorative ornaments. Doilies come in numerous sizes, and patterns. You can even find heart shaped … Read more

Top 10 Scandinavian Christmas Decoration Ideas

TOP 10 Scandinavian Christmas Decoration Ideas | Top Inspired

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. When it comes to Scandinavian Christmas decorations, we can create a calm and peaceful home if we stick to these principles. Scandinavian decor’s typical style involves a mix of white, silver, gold, and red colors, Nordic threads, evergreen branches, pine cones, green wreaths, and rustic and vintage tones. We … Read more

Top 10 Budget Winter Window Decor Ideas

TOP 10 Budget Winter Window Decor Ideas | Top Inspired

It is already November, so we can take off the Halloween decorations and replace them with something wintry. If you haven’t started thinking about decorating ideas yet, we have selected ten different cheap and easy ways to dress your home according to the season. Some of them are perfect kids’ crafts as well that you … Read more

Top 10 Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the main Christmas symbols and perhaps the most important one is the Christmas tree. Not only that it gives a special touch to the space you are in, but it also has sentimental value – the Christmas tree is the place where the whole family gathers on Christmas Eve. Almost every home in … Read more