Top 10 Plants for Your Garden to Help Save the Bees

Bees are very important. And we are not talking only about honeybees, but also¬†bumblebees, soldier bees, carpenter bees, mason bees, sweat bees, and several thousand other types. A good percent of the plants we eat, including vegetables and fruits, are pollinated by them. Without bees, there will be no agriculture. Unfortunately, bees are struggling in … Read more

Top 10 Easy Ways To Create Butterfly Feeder In Less Than An Hour

TOP 10 Ways to Make a Beautiful Homemade Butterfly Feeder | Top Inspired

Creating a garden that will attract birds and insects has become quite popular lately. Many gardeners are using different tricks and specific plants to bring their magical beauty into their gardens. There are other, simpler ways to bring fascinating creatures, like butterflies, for instance, right into your backyard. One of them is by building a … Read more