Top 10 Best DIY Accent Wall Ideas

TOP 10 DIY Accent Wall Ideas | Top Inspired

If there is an otherwise dull and boring space in any of your rooms, some of these accent wall ideas will be the perfect solution to bring new texture and color into your home. It is the best way to emphasize a great architectural feature, bring attention to a piece of furniture or art, or apply a … Read more

Top 10 DIY Swing Tutorials for Your Backyard or Porch

TOP 10 DIY Swing Tutorials for Your Backyard or Porch | Top Inspired

It might be already mid-summer, but it is still not too late to have new furniture in your garden. How about a cozy swing, hammock, or swing bed? There is no better way to relax on your porch than laying or swinging away in one of these outdoor swings. Find a style that suits your home and … Read more

Top 10 Best Ideas for Well-Organized Home

Top 10 Best Ideas for Well-Organized Home | Top Inspired

Nowadays, when it comes to DIY projects the center of attention is always organization and storage solutions. No matter how big the apartment you live in, you usually need something more beneficial that will keep all your items in place. From bathroom and kitchen to makeup and shoe organizing…there are millions of ways you can … Read more

Top 10 Enchanting DIY Plant Stands

Top 10 Enchanting DIY Plant Stands | Top Inspired

A lovely decorated living space gives the feeling of a real home. All those personal touches are what give your home its personality and make it uniquely yours. Unfortunately, today we tend to look for abstract and lifeless decorations. We overlook decorating with living plants because caring for them is an additional responsibility and they … Read more

Top 10 Wonderful DIY Wood Wall Art

Top 10 Wonderful DIY Wood Wall Art | Top Inspired

Have you ever found your walls to be dull and blank? Do you wish you had a warmer feel in your home without hanging brightly colored pictures? Or maybe you think your home needs a little more of a rustic, natural-looking touch? Then you should definitely consider checking out some unconventional wall art. If your … Read more

Top 10 Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the main Christmas symbols and perhaps the most important one is the Christmas tree. Not only that it gives a special touch to the space you are in, but it also has sentimental value – the Christmas tree is the place where the whole family gathers on Christmas Eve. Almost every home in … Read more

Top 10 Unique DIY Bookshelf Projects

Having a home library used to be the prized item in many homes. With all the technology available, e-books and on-line reads, building up a book collection might seem a thing of the past for most. Still, true book lovers will never replace the experience of holding a printed book, flipping through the pages as … Read more

Top 10 Elegant DIY Wine Racks

A good bottle of wine has always been an appropriate present for a dinner party or as for the many family holidays and special occasions. With that said, most of us have ended up with quite an impressive collection, with an assortment of different wines. Wine lovers might even have some rare vintages at home, … Read more