Top 10 Tasty Recipes of Creamy and Decadent No Bake Pies

No-bake recipes are extremely helpful because they can save us time in the kitchen and are also saving us from the whole oven-included process of baking or whatever you’re doing. Plus, no-bake means that what we cook is going to be ready sooner! In this article, we are presenting you ten recipes of no-bake pies, … Read more

Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Hot Drinks for Fall and Winter

TOP 10 Non-Alcoholic Hot Drinks for Fall and Winter | Top Inspired

The summer cocktail season is over, but it does not mean that we have to give up on tasty drinks. On chilly fall and winter evenings, it feels so cozy to sit on your sofa, wrapped in a nice soft blanket, and sip away a mug of thick hot chocolate. A warm, spiced beverage has … Read more

Top 10 Salted Caramel Desserts You’ll Love

Top 10 Salted Caramel Desserts You'll Love | Top Inspired

Caramel, sweet, smooth, and melting in our mouth. The only thing better than the caramel is the salty one. It is ideal in desserts, but it is so tasty that you can eat it just like that. When you want some salty caramel indulgence, you definitely should try one of the desserts presented below. No … Read more

Top 10 Easy Desserts You Can Make In A Muffin Tin

Top 10 Easy Desserts You Can Make In A Muffin Tin | Top Inspired

Since the muffin tin was invented, cooking has become a lot easier. Muffin tins are multifunctional molds in which muffins or cupcakes are baked. There are many ways to use these little tins, the most common way is baking desserts. Here you have the top 10 easy desserts you can make in a muffin tin. … Read more

Top 10 Easy DIY Lollipops

Top 10 Easy DIY Lollipops | Top Inspired

Who said only kids get to enjoy the heavenly taste of lollipops? The sweet, sugary candy melting on your tongue, lollipops are for all ages. If we have made you consider making a few of the incredible and mouthwatering lollipops, then scroll down for some more detailed information. You can make them for your kids … Read more

Top 10 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Warm You Up on Winter Days

Top 10 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Warm You Up on Winter Days | Top Inspired

We can’t help it. Once the cooler weather arrives, we crave hot cocoa with the same intensity as a cold beer during barbecue season. As soon as the first leaves start to change color on the trees, the craving for hot chocolate strikes. And not just any hot chocolate, but spiced, decadent, and over-the-top hot … Read more

Top 10 Rice to Riches Flavors

It might sound familiar to some, but for those who are not introduced, here is a dessert that it’s just melting, spreading, taking all over you. Rice pudding! Comes in all flavors, with hippie names, and is just inviting you to join that magical world of desserts. What else you could really ask for? Here … Read more

Top 10 Panna Cotta Recipes You Need to Try Right Now

Panna Cotta is a traditional Italian dessert that is served cold and it’s made with milk, sugar, and simmering cream mixed with gelatin. This softly set and creamy pudding, which has originated from North Italy is loved by many people all over the world and there are so many good reasons for that. So, if … Read more