Top 10 Flavorful Chicken Skewers

Everyone loves grilled skewers, and made from chicken are always a big hit. There are so many different varieties of how to prepare them, marinated, glazed, or simply grilled with a delicious sauce as a dip. An interesting fact is that chicken is really versatile meat and goes well with almost everything, from different sauces … Read more

Top 10 Tasty Mini Bites for New Year’s Eve Party

Top 10 Tasty Mini Bites for New Year's Eve Party | Top Inspired

New Year’s Eve is coming upon us and everyone is very excited about the last party of the year. If you have plans for hosting your own party at home, you have to be very creative to satisfy your guests. The most important thing for the fantastic start of this special night is having delicious … Read more

Top 10 Cranberry Sauces that Will Make Your Thanksgiving Unforgettable

Top 10 Cranberry Sauces that Will Make Your Thanksgiving Unforgettable | Top Inspired

Cranberry sauce has always been part of the traditional Thanksgiving menu. This sauce adds a fresh flavor to every overwhelmingly heavy meal on this day. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without cranberry sauce. Making your own cranberry sauce is really easy, and you can do it a few days ahead. We’re talking about homemade, fresh, fruity cranberry sauces. And … Read more

Top 10 Caramel Cakes

Top 10 Caramel Cakes | Top Inspired

A variety of desserts are made with caramel.  This dark, bitter-tasting liquid is one of the oldest ingredient for desserts in the world. In every dessert caramel isn’t the main flavour only associate. It has a powerful taste and without this ingredient desserts are just too ordinary. We personally like the way that caramel taste, … Read more

Top 10 Italian Pasta Recipes with Chicken

For most people, pasta is their favorite food; and it’s understandable. You can mix it with anything that crosses your mind and in the end, it is always delicious. Proof for that is all those Italian restaurants you’ve visited, in Italy or elsewhere. And now, you get that inspiration from the restaurants into your own … Read more