Top 10 Ways to Decorate with Polaroid Display

Polaroids can serve more than just reminding us of certain memories. Displaying them can be quite creative, so if you consider yourself the creative type of person, read along. This article presents to you how you can decorate your home with different kinds of photo displays. Some of them you may have already seen, as … Read more

Top 10 DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Try This Spring

The famous Roman politician, orator, and philosopher Cicero once said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Buying books and arranging them in the house isn’t a hard task, but having a garden requires your time and attention. Thus, many decide to live in apartments or simply not take … Read more

Top 10 Playfull DIY Playhouse Projects

Top 10 Playfull DIY Playhouse Projects | Top Inspired

As soon as they begin walking and speaking, our children start looking for a place just for them. They love entering a world of fun and play that only they can see and understand. But, when they can’t leave the house, often their play leaves the boundaries of their imaginary world and they use the … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Paintings

Top 10 Best DIY Paintings | Top Inspired

We all have that one wall in our homes that looks completely naked and boring, but as usual, we are without some creative idea what to do with it. If you want to bring a personality to your room and make it look cozier and familiar, then the best solution is to craft some art … Read more

Top 10 DIY Deafening Party Noisemakers

When we attend parties, our purpose is to have fun and be as loud as possible because only then people won’t mind the high volume of our voice. Since the New Year’s Eve party is probably the biggest and most anticipated party of the year, we partygoers would want to be especially noisy. Of course, … Read more

Top 10 DIY Paperclip Jewelry

Top 10 DIY Paperclip Jewelry | Top Inspired

Can you believe that the paper clip has helped keep papers organized in offices for over 130 years now? This little twisted piece of wire has was so well designed that it hasn’t changed much, a few different designers have been created, but the classic double-looped paper clip is still a crowd favorite and a … Read more