13 Famous Celebrities With Bad Teeth

Celebrities With Bad Teeth

While there is no denying that having straight teeth is something to strive for, a flawless smile is not for everyone. Several superstars in Hollywood have gapped or crooked teeth.  Because of this, many celebrities are reluctant to show off their less-than-perfect smiles; in fact, many have had their smiles changed and made more beautiful … Read more

Top 11 Celebrities Who Have Embraced Invisalign

With the development of Invisalign, the world of orthodontics has witnessed a revolution in dental aesthetics in recent years. This ground-breaking orthodontic treatment has grown in favor among celebrities looking to improve their smiles in a discreet and comfortable manner.  Invisalign’s clear aligners have replaced traditional metal braces, giving a practically unnoticeable solution to straighten … Read more

13 Celebrities with Full Dentures (With Pictures)

Celebrities are not invincible, even though we have that perception. They are normal human beings, like any of us who struggle with insecurities, personal health complications, and in this case, dental issues. When you think of full dentures, you might not think your favorite celebrity would or had one. But you’d be surprised to know … Read more

Top 10 Great Actors Who Have Never Won an Oscar

Top 10 Stars Who Have Never Won an Oscar

There are so many great actors in Hollywood. Some are on the scene for decades, and some got popular few years ago. But, when it comes to the Academy Awards, it doesn’t mean that the longer you act, the more chances you have on winning one. Sometimes, no matter how good you act too, you … Read more