Top 10 Simple Yet Amazing DIY Fiber Wall Art

Top 10 Simple Yet Amazing DIY Fiber Wall Art | Top Inspired

Whether the painting is, canvas art is adorable, but not what it used to be. Today there is almost anything and everything painted or printed on canvas, and it is hard to incorporate a picture in your home that won’t look out of place or boring. After all, the wall decoration’s point is to make … Read more

Top 10 Trendy DIY Chain Necklaces

Top 10 Trendy DIY Chain Necklaces | Top Inspired

We all agree upon the fact that the chain necklace became a huge hit in accessories in such a short period of time. Whether it’s golden, silver or colored women can’t get enough of wearing these bold, fashion forward looking adornment. So if you’re a fan of jewelry here are 10 awesome and cheap ways … Read more

Top 10 Amazing DIY Rugs

They say that you’re not a true adult unless you start obsessing over rugs because most of them are a true pain when it comes to cleaning them. But, once you get the hang of them, you can’t help spending hours at the rug store looking for the perfect one. However, buying a new, fabulous … Read more

Top 10 DIY Rustic Home Decorations With Ropes

There are various ropes depending on the materials they are made from and the purpose they are meant for, like for dragging and lifting things. Ropes can be used anywhere and by anyone, from cattle wranglers to sailors and mountain climbers. It truly is a versatile piece of equipment, but it can also be used … Read more