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The Emerging Emphasis on Better Underwear for Men

For many decades, fashions and style magazines were always aimed at women, and although there was certainly an expectation for the ‘gentleman’ to dress appropriately, matters such as male undergarments simply were neither discussed nor ever made a priority. 

However, that proverbial worm has turned and now, there is certainly an emerging emphasis on better underwear for men. 

Thermal Underwear

In years gone by, when you would think of thermal underwear, you would be imagining some kind of dirty, beige all-in-one, which you would neither want to wear not ever want to see anyone else in. 

Now, however, the emphasis on creating stylish, comfortable and durable thermal underwear has become one of the most popular developments in men’s’ fashion and mens underwear. In colder weather, especially in extreme temperatures, you could even be doing yourself damage if you do not wear proper underwear with a thick lining. 

Boxers Over Briefs

Another highly visible change in designers’ minds when it comes to underwear for men is that the fashions are now firmly on the side of boxers over briefs and are aimed at men of all ages and body types.

The main key benefits of choosing to wear, predominantly at least, boxers over briefs include the additional support provided, which is not as restrictive as briefs but still exists. In addition, it would be pertinent to note here that briefs which are too tight can cause issues with fertility and should be avoided if this you wish to be a parent at some point. 

More Consideration to Material

For the past few decades, women’s lingerie has been marketed as a luxury item to be enjoyed against the skin, rather than just functional underwear.

Now, finally, more consideration is being given to the fabric which men’s boxers and briefs are made of, with the main, most common, materials and their varying benefits being as follows:

  • Bamboo which is breathable and lightweight yet can be too thin in winter
  • Modal which is the softest of materials but offers limited levels of support
  • Polyester which provides support and is highly durable yet feels synthetic
  • Silk which is lightweight and comfortable (and rather fancy too!)
  • Nylon which is stretchy and flexible but is too light and thin for winter
  • Merino Wool which is great for winter but hard to maintain 
  • Cotton which is affordable and breathable but does tend to hold onto moisture

More Support

Another key change for designers of male underwear is the emphasis on better support. Often, expensive designers and high-end brands in the past have concentrated far too much on what the garment looks like, whereas now the balance is being addressed as to aesthetics and comfort. Without proper support, you could put yourself at risk groin strain and rashes and itching. 

When choosing your next set of underwear, by far the best thing to do would be to apply a tactile approach and instead of purchasing your underwear sets in bulk, being slightly choosier and more particular when it comes to fabric, style and feel. 

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