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Top 10 Amazing Things You Can Experience In Kenya

Adventure seekers, welcome to Kenya! The most attractive African safari destination laying on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It features wildlife reserves and amazing national parks that will leave you breathless.

Also, I must mention the traditional Maasai people, dressed in specific clothes and living a traditional life that is totally different than our modern way of living. Amazing Kenya can be only experienced, it cannot be read about.

If you still haven’t got an opportunity to visit this wonderful place, presenting you with some interesting things you can experience there. The people, the breathtaking sights, the wildlife… Enjoy!



You might have seen them in zoos or indeed home safari parks within the comfort of your car. But, nothing, as in nothing at all, beats seeing these superb and remarkable creatures out in their natural environment. I herds you will see them rather relaxed up until a potential predator approaches if you are lucky enough to witness this with your very own eyes. Kenya is of course extremely rich in wildlife hence why we all need to protect it in order for us to enjoy these moments for generations to come.

Traditional People From Kenya


We all have very different views of the people in Kenya. And it is rather normal we are all very different in some ways. However one cannot deny the colors they usually portray. For example, in Europe and most parts of the world browns, greys, blacks, beiges have always been at the height of fashion outlets, and we have always said the world is missing color. Well, thanks to the Kenyans, they revive what we believe we ought to all showcase. More color! The Kitenge, the Kenyan typical wear, has always been long and beautiful. And, it is illegal for anyone to wear back or dark blue. We love their style! Still, on the hunt, the Kenyan free-spirited people, still living like their ancestors used to hundreds if not thousands of years ago.

Camels At The Beach


If you are ever going to Kenya and fancy crystal blue waters, and why not see camels at the same time, then head to Diani beach. This will create without a doubt an abundant amount of memories while in one of the most natural places on Earth. Perfect for the family too and something super different that makes a change from the tourist traps in the UAE or Morocco. You will immerse yourself in what could look like the Maldives, but with so much wildlife surrounding you. A perfect rich moment to take in into the form of a deep breath.

Maasai Bride

via Philip Lee Harvey

A Maasai Bride is usually married while young and wears lip plates demonstrating their ability to marry. An entire ritual sounds like this. The woman must accept polygamy, as men can marry as much as they desire. Women naturally have grown at home in the same environment, where their father had multiple wives and children making them understand that this is the only way. For us living outside of these rules seem illogical, but to the Kenyans, some of our rulings can also seem a little fishy. In the end, whatever makes happiness to us all is the only form of happiness we should all live by. And it stays personal. No one asked the neighbor!

Sunset In The Wild


In Kenya, you will find uninterrupted sunsets literally on tap. Sundowns and sunrises for the same instant are some of the uttermost magical things you would ever glance your eyes at. Something super magical and something that will never, ever leave your thoughts. The colors are spectacular as the rest of the wildlife areas. Be ready to charge up your inner mind memory bank and your cameras taking in as much as you can. A truly unique pleasure blessed by cheer fortune.

Maasai Market in Nairobi

via Muriuku Murithi

As the same with their local wear, the Kitenge, their crafts also really reflect this happy philosophy. The people of Kenya are some of the healthiest in the nearby countries in both mental stability and health. One could argue that colors bring them so much joy in their clothes, songs, and markets, that it ultimately dictates a lot regarding their overall survival techniques. Marketplaces are incredibly large, especially in the capital, but can also be small with everything one person will ever need. Unlike some of us in the world, buying for the sake of buying without a lot of thinking process. But in Kenya, everything serves a purpose to lead a sustainable life.

Older Samburu Woman


It is claimed that a face can say a thousand words, but with the older women of Samburu, this is taken into a completely and totally different context. One that has never been so true. The Samburu women are very much similar to the women of Maasai. They are very proud women and stand very proud. Especially when dancing with an upright position jumping up and down having the noise from their dozens of necklaces joining in the dance. Necklaces are a wealth statement, so the more you have the richer you are. You will usually see these women wearing reds and pinks mainly as part of their uniforms. Their livelihood depends on how they breed their herds of cattle, sheep, and goats keeping them fit and healthy.



In Nairobi, you can experience having a giraffe going into your bedroom asking for something to munch on. Yes, that is absolutely true check it out. It’s unbelievable to think that super wild animals have grown to us. Well, if we have food I presume we’re their best friend, so it makes sense! Unbelievable experience in the very comfort of your hotel room. These animals are the biggest animals on the planet on land with a tongue measuring up to 55 cm in length. Wow.

Nairobi At Night

via Mutua Matheka

There’s something magical about sunsets all over the world. But in Nairobi, and anywhere else for that matter in Kenya, sunsets are magical, and just before turning into nights, we get the beauty of the deep reds, deep oranges, and some deep purple tickling eyes. Nights in Nairobi are very special and close to our hearts. Its people are fantastic, and the architecture, culture, and inner richness can clearly be seen. Many bars are here to welcome you in warm-spirited manners.

Maasai Dance

via Martin Harvey

Adumu is the most traditional dance both for the Maasai people but also for the Tanzanian tribes. Adumu is a jump dance signifying the warrior right of passage, and also means the strength of a potential male partner for the women. They demonstrate their strengths for the potential bride. After all, the tribe is famous for jumping and dancing worldwide. And for a fun fact, they are some of the tallest people on the planet hence when they dance, they appear like absolute giants.

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