Top 10 Adorable DIY Chandeliers to Brighten Up Yours Space

Chandelier may just be what you need if you think your home needs a bit of style update. There is no reason to buy a new chandelier when u can make it by yourselves. All you need are some old things that you don’t use anymore and a little bit of creativity. Making your own chandelier definitely takes a little more elbow grease, but all of these projects are creative and will not require you to spend a lot of money. Follow our list, pick your favorite chandelier that will brighten up your space and wait for a next rainy weekend. We are sure you will find this list of DIY chandeliers pretty useful!

DIY Chandelier with Shade MacGyver Style

DIY-drum-shade-light2DIY Tutorial via

DIY Moroccan Lantern Chandelier

461eb09aefeb37a9f8b3ac1066c62e15DIY Tutorial via

DIY Barrel Shade Chandelier

Lights-On-From-Upstairs-454x680-customDIY Tutorial via

DIY Pendant Chandelier

a26fa3d2292f4b1b603bd4b286174efdDIY Tutorial via

DIY Crystal Chandelier

be1c648bf49950d226e20d4237e4f843DIY Tutorial via

DIY String Chandelier

IMG_2050DIY Tutorial via

Drum Shade Chandelier Tutorial

DSC_1171-002DIY Tutorial via

DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

8a632db817cc4870bd9f90094e28e7a8DIY Tutorial via

Chandelier DIY Project

vvilfd4vqj7nziisi6t8516ffd67a97711DIY Tutorial via

DIY Drum Shade Chandelier

047_thumb1DIY Tutorial via

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