We have done many posts dedicated to gift wrapping. It is so nice to add a personal touch by wrapping someone’s gift by yourself. The best thing is that all you need is a little creativity. To add the final touch – you should also include a gift tag with a special short greeting or message and your name so the person getting the gift will know who is it from. This is especially practical at weddings, showers, parties. The gift tag should be special so it would be nice if you try to create it by yourself. Here’s how – just choose on of our Top 10 Adorable DIY Gift Tags.

Christmas Typographic Gift Cards

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Felt Heart Valentine Gift Tag

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DIY Gift Tags

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Vintage Santa Printable Gift Tags

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Gift Idea For Your Foodie Friends

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Printable Gift Tags

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Watercolor Gift Tags

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Holiday Gift Tags

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DIY Fresh Flower Gift Tags

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DIY Gift Tag

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