If you’re a coffee addict, you are just one of many, many others that are in love with this drink. Did you know that billions cups of coffee are served every year, each wrapped in their own cardboard coffee sleeve. That’s a lot of waste for a piece of cardboard that only gets used once. So, why not make your own mug cozy that you can reuse over and over again and not just for coffee, but for any other hot drink. They look so adorable and are ideal for a cold winter evening when you want to keep your drink warm and save your fingers. Homemade mug cozies are also a fantastic, low-cost, personalized gift option, so keep them in mind when you’re planning holiday gifts for friends and family!

Coffee Cozy from a Repurposed Sweater

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_01DIY Tutorial via everynothingwonderful.com

Old Sock Coffee Cup Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_02DIY Tutorial via lilyshop.com

Crocheted Mug Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_03DIY Tutorial via lovalizious.blogspot.ca

Fluffy Mug Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_04DIY Tutorial via cloverandviolet.com

Faux Fur Mug Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_05DIY Tutorial via aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com

Custom-Fit Mug Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_06DIY Tutorial via lisaclarke.net

Ruffled Coffee Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_07DIY Tutorial via cheepideas.com

Felt Coffee Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_08DIY Tutorial via practicallyfunctional.com

Red Bow Cup Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_09DIY Tutorial via wonkywonderful.com

Fabric Mug Cozy

adorable-handmade-mug-cozies_10DIY Tutorial via seelamade.typepad.com