After reading this, you would never look at the Bees the same. Propolis is a sticky, gummy and resinous material made by honey bees to fill cracks and protect their hive from diseases. But, it is not the only use of propolis, the ancient civilizations discovered that the propolis is useful for many health benefits and it has long history of medicinal use.
It can boost your blood flow, is good for fighting infections, can lower the cholesterol, and many more uses that you will read below.
But before using propolis, or any kind of bee products, be sure that you are not alergic to it, because it can cause unwanted consequences and you need to know that propolis, like the other bee-based remedies should be used in small doses due to its high sugar content.
We would like to know what is your experience with propolis, and for what purpose do you use it?

Treatment For Burns and Cuts

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Remedy For Urinary Infections

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Remedy For Dental Plaque

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Treatment For Acne

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Cures Cold Sores

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Immune System Strengthener

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Sore Throat Remedy

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Destroys Bacteria

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Heart Health

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Cures Warts

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