TOP 10 Amazing Macro Images

Photography is a powerful vehicle for the photographers to express themselves, show amazing landscapes, present wonderful cultures, capture difficult situations in our society or even horrifying wars. Through the lens we can get an insight to things that we do not normally see and are not available for us. Macro photography is about recording images that are not easily visible to the naked eye.

With digital cameras these days macro photography is becoming more popular. The topic for many artists is nature and capturing the world of tiny creatures. With the close-ups a truly fascinating world opens for us. Some photographers like to experiment with different objects and textures creating abstract images.

The following images will open our eyes to a whole new world and the amazing shots will make us think what a wonderful place we live in, where every tiny little thing is created beautifully with perfection.

Ladybug in the rain


Photograph taken by Vadim Trunov

A ladybug makes its way to find shelter from the rain. Looking at his photos it is easy to understand why is Vadim Trunov the talented Russian photographer fascinated about the micro world and these tiny creatures. Keep on reading to see more of his images.

Close-up of a Black soldier fly


Photograph taken by Javier Torrent 

Fascinating image of Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) by Javier Torrent, Spanish photographer who has been lately focusing on extreme macro photography. Interesting fact that the larvae of the Black soldier fly is edible to humans, containing up to 42% of protein, lot of calcium and amino acids. Some years ago a table-top insect breeding farm called “Farm 432” has been invented in which people can produce edible fly larvae at home, thus reducing meat consumption by growing their own protein source.

Snail crawling down from a mushroom


Photograph taken by Vadim Trunov

Another wonderful image from Vadim Trunov. His close-ups of snails, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, ladybirds and bees look truly mesmerising and magical.

Grasshopper thinking


Photograph taken by Vadim Trunov

Can´t help but imagine this grasshopper scratching its head and saying: “Did I really eat that much last night?”

Soap foam macro


Photograph taken by Martin

These colourful foam reflection look like some beautiful sea shells or sparkling jewellery. The swirling rainbows of colour and patterns are caused by light bouncing into and out of the walls of the bubble.

Colourful parrot


Photograph taken by Wilamoyo

Captivating colours and feathers of a Macaw parrot. The tiny feathers on the face of most Macaws form patterns that are similar and unique just like human fingerprints. The skin beneath is called their “leathers”.

Stellar Dendrite Snowflake


Photograph taken by Alexey Kljatov

Alexey Kljatov, Russian photographer can be a great inspiration to anyone with his custom-built macro add-on for the camera he takes macro shots of snowflakes right outside of his house. He has a series of amazing photos of different snowflakes types.

This is one of most beautiful stellar dendrite snowflakes that I captured past winter, but it was hard to process because of aligning problems (wind shifted and rotated it during serial shooting). It’s diamater is around 5-6 mm” – says Alexey.

Human eye


Photograph taken by Suren Manvelyan

You can almost see and feel the infinity and eternity of the human being by looking at the shot of Suren Manvelyan, Armenian photographer. The series of macro photography of human eyes called “Your Beautiful Eyes” are truly outstanding captures.

Cat Eye


Photograph found on

We all love cats, no matter if it is domestic small kitten or its large relatives. Cats have a very long relationship with humans dating back to the Ancient Egyptians when the first cat became domesticated 4,000 years ago.

Wing of a Butterfly


Photograph taken by Jim Hoffman

This wonderful macro image gives us the opportunity to get a close view of the wing of a butterfly that is usually completely hidden to the naked eye. Isn´t it amazing that it looks like a delicately woven fabric?

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