Here is another exiting DIY project, where the main theme is the ribbon! There amazing things that you can do with ribbon, and one of them are this great 10 tutorials that you will see below. You can create very different necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories, combined with many different things, that are very affordable and easy to find.
Make the accessories that you want, no matter if the ones that you like are to expensive or you just can’t find just the ones that you are looking for. This will end your search, so give a look at this great and super easy tutorials and update your style with some homemade ribbon accessories. Hope you enjoy them!

Ribbon Wrapped Chain Necklace



The chain necklaces are everywhere now, but you can modify it and make it unusual by using ribbon. Wrap it around the chain, and for more details on how to do that, open the link below the picture.

Rhinestone and Ribbon Braided Bracelet



Rhinestones are very fun way to make some feminine bracelet. In this example are used pink ribbon and a lot of rhinestones. If you like this one learn how to make it from the diy tutorial.

Statement Necklace



Amazing statement necklace that looks fabulous but yet is so easy to create. Follow the steps given in the tutorial and make it by yourself! You can choose this fresh colored ribbon just like the one above, or any other color that comes to your mind.

Different Ways to Wear Ribbon as a Hair Accessory



As you can see, there are many different ways to wear ribbon as a hair accessory, and spice up your hairstyle. Everyday you can make another look that is not complicated at all and looks amazing.

Ribbon and Pearls Bracelet



We love pearls! They are just perfect when you want to go with the classy feminine look. And the color of this ribbon just completes that kind of look perfectly.

Simple Bow Bracelet



If you have bracelets like this in your jewelry box, but you are bored of wearing them just simple as they are, you can change their entire look by adding ribbon between them.

Easy Choker or Headband Crochet and Ribbon



For the ones that like to mess their hands with the needles, here is one beautiful crochet choker for you. Open the link below the picture and learn the steps. Amazing idea how to combine the ribbon with the crochet.

Washer Ribbon Necklace



Who says that washers can’t be used as an fashion accessory? This is an genius idea that really works, so simple, rebel and unique. We are sure that this will catch your attention.

Fast Chain Necklace



The chain necklaces are everywhere! But if you like to experiment with your looks, this is one great idea to do that. Change the look of the simple chain necklace by wrapping ribbon in them.

Ribbon and Chain Bracelet



Something similar to the chain necklace is this beautiful chain bracelet. The beauty of this one is that there are many chains one to each other, that make the whole bracelet just impossible not to notice.