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Top 10 Bags That Every Woman Should Have

When it comes to bags, they are totally essential accessory in life of a woman because clothing trends might come and go, but quality accessories are forever. There are few styles that are totally must haves for completing your outfits. Collecting bags should be smart to work for many of your daily styles, but still be fashionable. Before investing in one, try to find a bag that can accommodate your style and show off your personality.

You can have as many bags as you want, but these top 10 bags that every woman should have are absolutely the most important. They never go out of style and can compliment the latest runway collections. Scroll down to see the list.

1. Classic Black Bag



You should absolutely invest wisely in a nice every day black bag. This is first and most important bag in your collection and it’s totally a statement  which you can pair nicely with literally everything in your wardrobe. From meetings to launches, it will go with you everywhere!

2. Nude Bag



From shoes to makeup, the summery shade of nude is absolutely a huge trend last years. And the best part is that absolutely goes with everything! The versatility and wearability makes the nude bag long lasting for women of all ages. Just keep in mind that you really have to take a good care of the precious nude tone bag.

3. Casual Bag



For weekends and off-duty events, this type of bag is perfect for days you want to feel comfy. Whether you wear it over the shoulder or across the trunk, it can be very chic and stylish if you pair it nice. And the best part is that this bag is hands free, so you can do whatever you want!

4. Day Clutch



Who said that you can wear clutches only at night? There are many fashion-forward styles and amazing day clutches, big enough to carry your phone, makeup and credit card. They are just perfect for those days when you don’t want to carry your tote.

5. Colored Bag



Sometimes you just have to add some color to your outfit and to spice up your wardrobe. While black bag is timeless and very popular, bright handbags are also very trendy and versatile. The trick is to keep it simple with everything else and you can never go wrong!

6. Party Cross Bag



Cross bags are very popular and are great for many occasions, especially for night parties and glamorous outfits. They should be a medium size, which allows you to carry your important things.  They are absolutely a must for a fashion-forward and sophisticated woman!

7. Fringe Bag



Whether you consider yourself a bohemian or not, you definitely need a fringe bag to add some dose of coolness to your wardrobe. You can wear it with ripped jeans, casual dresses and shorts and still look fashionable and flawless! Feel the 70’s and go find one for yourself!

8. Metallic Clutch



Clutches are a style of bags that never go out of styles and are very important for special occasions and elegant outfits. They are absolutely the most appropriate bags for those dressy and formal nights when you want to look stunning. We totally recommend metallic shades!

9. White Bag For Spring / Summer



When it comes to this creamy non-color, it is absolutely a must for warm summer days. If you want to add sophistication, chicness and elegance to your little white dress and your perfect summer tan, then this is absolutely the perfect bag for you!

10. Oversized Travel Bag



Every woman should have an oversized bag for a quick get away. It is very important to invest in good quality bag and choose a style and color that perfectly show of your identity and you are ready to go! Traveling with style has never been easier!

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