Christmas is just 2 and a half weeks away and everyone is counting down the days until reunite with family and friends. Whether you’re driving, taking the train or plane, there’s no question that traveling can be a little stressful. That’s because it’s really hard to figure out how to travel and look great at the same time, when you’re away from home. But, the good news are that with just a few smart tips and tricks you can face your next destination with a smile and confidence. To help you to arrive refreshed, we rounded up these Top 10 Best Beauty Tips you must read before your next trip. Follow them and look gorgeous while you travel, because you never know who you’re going to see!

Don’t Forget to Drink a Lot of Water While You Travel

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Exfoliate Your Skin Before and After The Trip

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Go for the Bronzer

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Carry Lip Gloss All The Time

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Always Keep Elastic Bands with You

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Staple Lash Extensions in Your Suitcase

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Take Towelettes on Your Trip

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Wear Nude Nail Polishes (Chips are Less Likely To Be Detected)

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Carry on a Dry Shampoo

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Use a Hand Cream All The Time

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