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Top 10 Best DIY Kitchen Utensil Holders

There is never any room in the kitchen for everything that you need to store. No matter how big your kitchen is, you always need more space, and sometimes it isn’t easy to organize the kitchen utensils. You spend so much of your time in the kitchen, so why not make your kitchen more functional and fabulous?

We all want our kitchen to be well organized and to look good, with fun decorations, but some of them can cost more than what we are willing to spend. So you can use your imagination and use the items you have at home and have fun with them. You can use so many of the things you have that you didn’t know.

To make fun utensils kitchen holders, very quick and easy and they will cost not too much. Here are ten DIY kitchen utensil holders that are not going to take much of your time.

Lego Bricks



These little bricks aren’t just fun childhood toys; they can also help get organized. It’s simple, attach a lego brick as you want, and keep spoons, spatulas, and other utensils in order.

Knife Utensil Holder



You can use any container, glass, ceramic, even plastic for this knife utensil, and you can decorate as you want. , Then you need bamboo skewers to put in the container, and it’s a perfect way to store your knives.

Craft Paper Decoration



You will need a recycled can, craft paper of your choice, scissors, and a hot glue gun (regular glue should work too). Cut the paper to fit the can, put glue on the can, and wrap the paper around the can, and you can add more glue if needed.

Painted Boxes



You will need a plastic box, acrylic paint, and some fabric for this easy utensil holder. First, you need to spray the boxes with some primer to help the paint add to the plastic. After that, you paint the box with acrylic paint three times, allowing them to dry for an hour between every coast. You can cut strips of fabric from an old tablecloth for the fabric liner and double them up using hot glue. Then, you glue the double fabric to the outside, tucking the extra inside the box.

Rope Decoration



You will need a can, a sisal rope, and a hot glue gun. You wrap the cylinder with the rope, hot gluing as you went around with the rope.

Old Candle Holder



If you have a candle holder at home that you don’t use anymore, it is a perfect thing for your kitchen utensils. The only problem you may have is that the bottom is detached from the body. You can use a little tacky glue to put them together and let them sit for a while upside down to dry.

Hanging Utensil Holders



You will need a towel bar, bamboo utensil holder, metal rings, and a power drill for these hanging holders. First, you need to attach the towel bars to the wall. After that, use a power drill and drill a hole on the top of the bamboo holders. And then, use the metal rings to attach the holders to the towel bar.

Knife Holder



For this knife holder, you need wood(any type and size), neodymium magnets (2 or 3 per knife), super glue or wood glue, and a power drill. Drill holes into the wood for the magnets, drill the holes so that there is still some wood behind the magnets to be glued. Once you have the holes drilled, superglue the magnets. When the magnets are glued in place, mount your knife holder on the wall with 3 wood screws.

Outdoor Utensil Holders



This design is perfect for the outdoor. You will need a piece of wood, galvanized plumber tape, screws, jars, white paint. Paint your jars white; chalk paint would work best.  Size the galvanized plumbers tape around the mason jars. Then screw the loops onto the board, three in a row. Place them slightly below the midline.

Old Flower Pot



You can use any flower pot for your kitchen utensils. Use an old pot, and you can paint it or decorate it as you want, and it will look good in your kitchen.

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