We are so excited to share with you these amazing  projects made out of tree stumps. They will suprise you withtheir simplicity, craeativity and usefulnes. Create tables, vases, candle holders and seats out of tree stumps with the help of our choice of Top 10 Best DIY Tree Stump Projects:

DIY Tree Stump Side Tables

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_01via abeautifulmess.com

Tree Stump Coffee Table

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_02via www.thriftyandchic.com

Tree Stump Turned End Table

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_03via debbie-debbiedoos.com

Stump Seats

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_04via domesticslice.com

DIY Silver Leaf Stump Table

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_05via houseofmovi.blogspot.com

Recycled Cardboard Tree Stumps DIY

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_06via punkprojects.com

DIY lamp from a tree stump

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_07via pudel-design.blogspot.com

Wooden Vase

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_08via thecsiproject.com

Make It: A DIY Log Slice Side Table

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_09via apartmenttherapy.com

Tree Trunk Candle Holders

top-10-best-diy-tree-stump-projects_10via  thehappierhomemaker.com