Every woman wants to have soft, smooth and pink lips during the whole winter season, but we all know they can start looking dry and chapped because of the cold weather. Today, when we live in a new, modern era having perfect lips is not such a far away dream! There are so many tips and tricks which can help you to have healthier and softer lips, like all those lips you can see in beauty magazines. Here is a list where we’ve collected 10 tips which are the best and easiest for implementation in your daily routine at the same time. Try all of these smart advices and keep your lips super kissable all winter long!

Exfoliate your lips

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Frame the shape of your lips

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Use a moisturizing lipstick in the daytime

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Don’t bite your lips

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Drink lots of water

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Always carry a moisturizing lip balm or lipstick with you

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Get Soft Lips By Making DIY Sugar Scrub

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Use a tooth brush and make round circular motions to get rid of dry skin and give a plumping effect

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Use honey as a natural alternative to lip balms

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Eat more red fruits

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