We have already said that fall is the best time in the year to travel. To pack your bags and go enjoy the places cooled down from the summer heat and tourists rush. To continue the list of the places you can visit in September, here i present you additional places you should visit in fall. Pick one for this October, take the best company with you and breathe the autumn air, feel the gentle breeze and absorb the art of the colored trees with your eyes.

1. Santorini, Greece


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The crowds slowly start to calm, the heat starts to cool and the seductive sunsets are at their best – Santorini is indisputably sublime in October. Here you will see the world’s best sunset. Santorini is Greece’s glamorous and must-see island.

2. New England, USA


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If there’s one place synonymous with autumn, it’s New England, famous for the riot of fire-coloured foliage that erupts during “Fall”. Farms brim with blueberries, pumpkins and corn on the cob, and it’s all such a big deal that several states publish weekly-updated foliage maps, with a guide to where’s crimson, where’s amber and where’s still green.

3. Grape harvesting season, Soave, Italy


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Several vineyards allow you to help pick and harvest the grapes, while tasting all the wine produced here free of charge. At the same time, the Chocolando (chocolate masters’ festival) is taking place. There are also local cheese and olive oil markets, an excellent eighth-century castle, art and music theaters.

4. Bundoran, Ireland


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The day trippers have gone, the summer shops have shut down, the caravans are lashed down for the storms ahead… autumn is the time to hit Bundoran. The pubs are filled with locals who will happily spin you a yarn in exchange for a pint. Make a wish in the Wishing Chair while gazing at horses galloping through the froth of the sea across Tullan Strand.

5. Cairngorms National Park, Scotland


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Head to the Cairngorms National Park and enjoy excellent food, local ales and malt whiskies, There you can have a Segway adventure, try gorge walking, or go canoeing on Loch an Eilein, as the birch leaves fall and the rowan berries glow red. Enjoy the glorious views over the Cairngorms from Braeriach, before the first snows of winter sweep in.

6. Huangshan Mountain, China


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Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, is arguably the best place in China for seeing autumn in all its glory. The range’s vertiginous peaks are covered in trees that turn a beautiful, bright red throughout October, with crowds flocking from Běijīng and Shànghǎi to take pictures. Its renowned wispy clouds give it a particularly ethereal, Chinese atmosphere. Head here at sunrise to see the foliage at its very best.

7. Pitlochry, Scotland


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Scotland’s pine forests may not change color, but its deciduous trees offer some of the finest autumn hues in Europe. Walk out of town to the dam and fish ladder, which separates the River Tummel and Loch Faskally, to get the perfect view of waterside trees as they shed their leaves.

8. Loire Valley, France


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With the leaves on the vines turning and the summer hordes heading home, there’s never a better time to visit France’s Loire Valley. The rolling vineyards look radiant as they shed the greens of warmer months for the yellows, browns and burnt oranges of autumn. It’s also harvest time, so you can see the grapes being picked in the fields, before retiring to a cosy spot to take in the view with a glass of the local tipple.

9. West Sweden


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The start of West Sweden’s lobster season on 27 September means lobster safaris – in which you catch, cook then feast upon the delicacy – are available up and down the picturesque Bohuslan coast. Lobster also takes pride of place on menus across the region, making October the best month to go for food fanatics: they offer the earliest opportunity to taste the new season’s fresh fish and when conditions at sea are good.

10. Lantallack, Cornwall, UK


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Pippin Cottage, at Lantallack, is a lovely, well-equipped cottage in a stunning location, with great views over the valley and orchard. The pool was a real treat – again, with fantastic views and large enough to swim properly – and there is easy access to nearby beaches. Try the Rod & Line pub in Tideford: it’s not the prettiest, but it’s very friendly and the food is excellent.