Now, when the weather is getting colder and the leaves are falling from hedges and trees is completely clear that winter is almost here. This is one the most wonderful seasons of the year and it’s really amazing how the whole nature is changing. Sometimes, you probably ask yourself how do animals spend the winter?! One thing is clear, winter is tough for wildlife, because food is in short supply and the days are shorter. But, this season is perfect for taking pictures from wild animals. That’s why we’ve made this amazing picture collection from winter wildlife. All pictures are fascinating and impressive, because winter light offers photographers and nature-lovers fantastic opportunities to take memorable shots. Enjoy the view!

Rabbit in Winter Wonderland

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Tiger Portrait in Snow

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Bald Eagle Staring Down

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Adorable Leopard in The Snow

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Colorado Chipmunk

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Bird in a Snowy Atmosphere

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Dangerous Tiger

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Wolf Jumping in the Snow

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Deer Surviving  Cold Weather

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Beautiful White Wolf

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