New Year’s Eve is just a few days away and everyone’s buzzing about where they’re going to celebrate and what they’re going to wear. If you’re still undecided about your look for the countdown to the New Year, we have some ideas to cover you in the makeup department. Take a look at these celebrities’ makeup and try to recreate the one you like the most. Will you go with a more glamorous and simple look, or choose a more dramatic look? Dark lips or nude lips? Whichever you decide, we’re sure you’re going to look amazing and be unforgettable.

Amanda Seyfried

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_01Photo credit to

Emily Blunt

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_02Photo credit to

Jessica Alba

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_03Photo credit to

Anne Hathaway

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_04Photo credit to

Camilla Belle

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_05Photo credit to

January Jones

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_06Photo credit to

Miley Cyrus

celeb-inspired-makeup-new-years-eve_07Photo credit to

Olivia Wilde

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Naya Rivera

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Allison Williams

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