Top 10 Celebration Ideas For Special Occasions

Have you got a milestone birthday, a wedding anniversary or a significant day of celebration happening in the near future and want to mark it with something truly awe-inspiring? Look no further than our guide to marking a very special occasion in a very special way…

1. Romantic Getaway

The classic couples’ break to Paris is so passé (as the French would put it). If you’re looking to whisk your loved one away (or be whisked) somewhere special, forget the Eiffel tower and head towards the millionaire’s playground of Nice instead, on the French Riviera. To get a true taste of opulence, private chartering agencies such as JetApp will let you specify your details and book your private jet to Nice, while they take care of all the other stresses and hassles of flying for you.

2. Personal Chef

Sure, a fancy restaurant is great, but one way to celebrate in absolute style is to hire a personal chef to come to your house and cook for you. Personal chefs generally charge an hourly rate for their services but the magic of this is that you can order bespoke meals to meet any or all dietary requirements and specify ahead of time what you’d like to eat… not a service that the average fancy restaurant would offer!

3. Vintage Vin

We all love to toast a special occasion with a glass of something bubbly, but if you really want to make an impressive toast, invest in a superior bottle, such as one of the world’s most expensive wines.

4. Hot Air Balloon

Ever wanted to sweep someone special off their feet? Do something different and celebrate a big day up among the clouds. A once in a lifetime activity like a hot air balloon ride is a magical and serene way to spend celebrate.

5. Pool Party

Who doesn’t love a summer pool party? Don’t have a pool in your own garden? No problem- many boutique swimming pools will hire out their whole venue for private events, so you and your friends and family can enjoy a blissful afternoon of cocktails, barbequing and sunbathing.

6. Private Box at an Event

Forget fighting with the person next to your over the armrest; whether you’re passionate about sports, opera or theatre, a private box or viewing room can be a spectacular way to treat yourself to some luxury VIP treatment far from the crowds and the gaze of the hoi polloi.

7. Commissioned Portrait

What do The Queen, Michael and Napoleon all have in common? They’ve all been immortalized in paint, of course! Portraiture has long been about preserving the legacy of royalty, celebrities and historic figureheads, but for around $15,000 (depending on the artists’ fee), you can turn your face into a hangable work of art for future generations to enjoy.

8. Hire a Chauffeur

A personal driver will ensure you step out at the end of any journey feeling relaxed and rested, not stressed out from traffic jams and roadworks. Check out Blacklane, an easy-to-use mobile app for booking a chauffeur.

9. Private Tour

Do you know a diehard sports fanatic or a super fan of a TV show or band? Many sports stadiums, movie sets and recording studios offer backstage tours to those interested in getting to know the behind the scenes workings, so devotees can get a real-life fix of whatever it is tickles their fancy.

10. Boat Party

Nothing says glamour quite like a boat party! If you are fortunate to live near a beach, lake or marina, hiring a luxury yacht for the day (equipped with captain and bartender) can be an excellent idea for partying the day (and night) away.

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