Chocolate! The Goddess! Resistance is really pointless…
Used every day, in every occasion, by millions who annually spend about 25$ on it! So, chocolate lovers have invented a very smart event, which cherish the existence of this incredibly delicious … THING … and that are the Chocolate Festivals all over the world.

The most famous  and great quality chocolate comes from The Old Continent – Europe. So, some cities all over Europe, capitals of the chocolate, are hosts of a lot of joyful events of this kind, almost all year long. Perugia is the capital of the chocolate (not only in Italy), Bruges is a city all immersed in chocolate, Paris do it very stylish, London with class… Choose your destination!

EuroChocolate, Perugia, Italy


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FestiChoc, Versoix, Switzerland


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Le Salon du Chocolat, Paris, France


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Praia da Vitoria, Azores Islands, Portugal


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Choco – Late Festival, Bruges, Belgium


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Easter Chocolate Festival, Ramsbottom, England, UK


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CioccolaTo Festival, Turin (Torino), Italy


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 Journées du Chocolat Festival Bayonne, France

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The Chocolate Festival, London, England


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ChocolART, Tübingen, Germany


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