Maybe the fog days are far behind us, but the MAGICAL ones are yet to come. As winter is approaching, we can almost hear the Christmas bells jingle, the snow-fights laughter, the choir singing “Silent Night”. We can smell the icy wind bringing snow, delicious pies baking in the oven, mulled wine at THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS …
Running from late November till beginning of January Christmas Markets are making Europe more magical than ever. Starting up from the cold Scandinavia, crossing lovely Germany and Austria down to the south of traditional Italy…
Feel the magic, it’s everywhere around!

Copenhagen, Tivoli Christmas Market


Photo Credit to hradcanska (On Flickr)

Barcelona, Fira de Santa Llucia


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Brussels, Plaisirs d’Hiver (Winter Wonders)


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Budapest Christmas Market


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Dublin Christmas Market and Funfair


Photo Credit to H.Warren (On Panoramio)

Gothenburg Christmas Market


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Tallinn Christmas Market


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Prague, Old Town Hall Christmas Market


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Rome, Piazza Navona Christmas Market


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Lille, Place Rihour Christmas Market


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NB: We haven’t forgotten the Christmas Markets in Germany, Austria or the UK. You can find them in different articles. They are too many beautiful Markets that deserve to be on the list, so we decided that one article is not enough for all of them. Enjoy making your Christmas Bucket List.