There are three more days till the big Mexican-American holiday Cinco de Mayo! As we know that this event will be here before we know it, know it’s the perfect time for you to make all the important decisions for hosting a party on your own! The first thing which will make your event even better is to make it in a Mexican style, because it’s fun, cute and totally appropriate for the holiday like this one!

In some of our previous articles, we’ve given you some nice suggestions about main courses and desserts that’ll satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! But what about the drinks?! You must serve ultra colorful cocktails full with flavors which recipes come straightly from Mexico!

For this occasion, we’ve covered you with 10 Cinco de Mayo Cocktails that are inspired by Mexico! Totally easy to make and strangely delicious, these mind-blowing ideas will set your party on fire!

Fresh Strawberry Sangria



We’re starting the countdown with an exquisite recipe for fresh strawberry sangria which will add a great dose of elegance at your home party! This cocktail is light, but delicious and will be a huge hit for sure! Make it and satisfy your guests!

Honeydew Agua Fresca



The Honeydew Agua Fresca is the real deal for your youngest guests – kids! It’s totally refreshing suggestion which contains lime juice, honeydew melon and raspberries! They create a perfect mix that no one can resist on! Not to mention how healthy it is!

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail



For all seafood lovers, here is a new shrimp experience that comes in a glass full with flavors! The amazing taste of shrimps is accomplished with a hot sauce, cucumbers, avocado, red onions and Jalapeno peppers! When you have a cocktail like this you don’t need a main course!

Agua de Jamaica



Who wants a cocktail inspired by Jamaica?! Everyone! So make it for your loved ones and they will feel like they’re there just for a moment… that will make them smile during the whole night and that’s the goal you want to reach!

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas



Margarita, the great taste of Mexico which is well-known everywhere around the world! It can be prepared in many different ways and with various fruits, but this time we picked an idea that contains a pink grapefruit, because it’s refreshing and the right choice for a real springtime party!

Michael’s Bloody Maria



Michael’s Bloody Maria is a Mexican way of preparing the original and famous Bloody Marry! The taste of the original recipe is adapted to Mexico as a result of various spices and ingredient that come directly from this country! It’s out of the ordinary idea you have to try immediately, because you’ll never ever make the classic Bloody Marry again!

Rhubarb Strawberry Margarita



One more Margarita recipe, but this one is even more exotic and out of the ordinary as a result of strawberries and rhubarb it contains! It’s an easy and a fresh idea you can’t go wrong with, so even if you’re not a cocktail expert you can do it on your own!

Spicy Pina-Rita



Here is a one more suggestion for non-alcoholic cocktail, but this one is not for kids, because it’ll burn their tongues! It’s spicy and unusual, so make for all your guests who don’t prefer drinking too much alcohol!

Tequila Sunrise



Tequila Sunrise-one of the most popular cocktails in the world that comes straightly from Mexico! This beverage has an amazing taste and it’s infused with just four ingredients: tequila, Jalapeno, grenadine syrup and fresh orange juice! You can squeeze a little lime, for a better and unforgettable taste!

The Perfect Paloma Cocktail



We’re closing the list with an amazing Mexican cocktail called The Perfect Paloma! The name is just appropriate because this cocktail is a mind-blowing mix of tequila and lime! It really feels like Mexico and is the right thing for your party!