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Top 10 Colors For Blue Eyes Makeup

If you are looking for a way to make your blue eyes pop, this is the right thing for you.

There are so many tips out there on making your blue eyes stand out, and we have chosen the top 10 combinations for you. You have heard of the makeup rule that you can not wear blue shadow on blue eyes, but it certainly does not mean you won’t look good if you choose the right shade, so if you have darker eyes, use light blue and reverse. Take a look at the best colors for your eyes, and be sure whatever of them you choose, it would look great on you.

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Orange Shadow


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The blue and the orange color are direct opposite colors, and no matter how crazy it might sound, but the orange will create a very strong contrast that will make your blue eyes stand out. Any shades of orange will do the job just right. When using shadows with orange undertones, you might no require dark lipsticks and too much foundation. Go light and use neutral tones even for the lipstick.



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To complement and brighten up your blue eyes, use bronze eyeshadow. The nude, shimmery, earthy tones go well for blue eyes, and bronze is a mix of all. The natural and lovely look that you will achieve with bronze shadow, will require nothing else to your face. Your blue eyes will stand out and the bronze shadow, helped with the mascara, will blend great especially if you have tanned skin. Let this eyeshadow do its job.

Copper Shades


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Golden pink copper shadow do magic for blue eyes! The copper shade is a mix of gold, rose, and russet brown; all of them are opposite the blue on the color wheel but that’s what makes the blue stand even more. These hues will make your eyes bluer, will give depth to your eyes, and elegance to the overall makeup look. Again, when using colors that enhance the blue eyes, let the focus stay there and use nude tones for lipstick.

Pink Shades


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When you are deciding what eyeshadow to wear today, think of pink. All shades of pink will complement the blue eyes perfectly! Yet depends on the occasion, but if you are opting for a more natural look, go for warm pink such as coral (pink with red hues can make you look tired a bit). But again, all shades of pink are welcomed for blue eyes. Since pink might not be an easy shadow to be applied and blend, replace the eyeshadow with a pink eyeliner or pencil; both will do the trick.

Brown Smokey Eyes


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Brown is the shade that goes well with all eye colors. Warm browns such as light earthy tones and espresso tones, compliment the blue eyes extremely well. They will put the attention of the eye to its blue color, yet make them look natural with the shadow bringing slight depth to the eyes. For a more dramatic look, blend deeper brown tones as an eyeshadow; or a smokey eye looks, for a more flattering appearance.

Shimmery Silver Makeup


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Matching cool tones with blue eyes will intensify their color. Cool tones such as silver, grey hues, and blues of course. Adding a shimmery effect to the silver is one of the fastest ways to enhance blue eyes. So, wait not! When you want your blue eyes to top, shine, and sparkle, use shimmery silver. Especially when applied to the inner corner of your eyelid, your eyes will open up even more. Add glitter and let the blue eyes shine!

Grey Metalic Shades


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Grey is another cool shade that will make your blue eyes stand. For a minimal look opt for light grey shadow, or else you can use darker hues of grey with a metallic finish. This type of shadow can be used to achieve a smokey eye look too, enhancing the outer corner of your eyes. The blue eye will also appear like it has greyish pigments from the hues of the eyeshadow, adding cool tones to the eyes. Grey shades go even better with red hair women.

Purple Makeup


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The purple eyeshadow will accurate the blue eyes. Try using lilac, striking violets, and royal purple shades to get an eye-catching look. Purple comes in various shades, however, using soft plum is ideal for blue eyes. These shadows require an eyeliner to complete the look, as well as enhancing the eyelashes with mascara. Blending few shades of purple is also a great option, or blending with sky blue like in the photo above.

Green Tones


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Green can be a tricky color to be used as an eyeshadow on blue eyes. Dark and bold green are recommended for brown eyes, however, this does not mean you should not use them. Shades like emerald green, soft green, turquoise, and even teal, can make your blue eyes look cute, beautiful, and gorgeous. Do not be surprised if your blue eyes start reflecting hues of green, this is very normal due to similarity in color.

Dark Blue


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The rule, blue eyes = blue eyeshadow, is true! Your eyes will look even bluer. Feel free and use any tones of blue, from light sky blue, navy, to dark blue. To maximize this appearance, go for a blue eyeliner or pencil instead of black. Blue is a color take brings attention, therefore the rest of your makeup such as blusher and lipstick should be calmer and nude. Let your eyes speak for themselves.

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