The best thing about summer are the summer holidays. When the temperatures reach scorching hot nothing beats cooling down somewhere on a beach. While dipping in the sea or ocean is all well and good, many beach-goers just want to work on that sexy bronze tan. But, unfortunately, many people will go home looking just a bit red, and we don’t mean angry.

People get sunburns from many reasons. Some  have very fair and sensitive skin that is prone to burning, while others are not too concerned with the use of a proper skin protection or misjudge the SPF that they’ll need for a whole day in the sun. Some simply fall asleep in the shade and wake up under the sun red as a lobster. Whatever the reason, the result is the same, a red, hot painful sunburn that you need to treat quickly and when your skin is already hypersensitive, using commercial sunburn products might irritate your skin even more.

There are many natural home remedies that you can make beforehand or whip up in minutes that will sooth your burns. From creams to sprays or even a cup of tea, all can help you retain moisture to your skin and cool you down, which is crucial for turning the sunburn into a tan instead of a pealing skin. Try out our Top 10 sunburn remedies and choose the right one for you.

Aloe Ice Cubes



Aloe Vera is probably the best natural reedy for treating all types of burns and it is used as an ingredient in many healing ad beauty products as well, but this is the simplest and easiest way to use it in case of a sunburn. Just freeze the aloe juice in ice cube tray and apply to the burn when needed.

Sunburn Relief Spray With Essential Oils



You might think that essential oils are good only to provide you with some aromatherapy, but the right combination can do more then that. You’ll see how lavender, chamomile and melaleuca essential oils give extra healing power to this sunburn relief spray.

Sunburn Relief Cream



When you’re in pain, you want relief at once. You can prepare this cream in matter of minutes and will not only cool your skin down, but will help your skin retain moisture and will speed up healing. It has only tree ingredients and sometimes that is more then enough.

Sunburn Relief Using Vinegar



You may have heard of the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but there are other ways to use it aside from a salad dressing. Applying it to your sunburns it will balance the skin’s pH factor which in turn will draw out the pain and will speed up healing. Try it and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Cucumber And Green Tea Body Spray



Here is another salad ingredient that will help you get your cool back. The refreshing cucumber has anti-inflammatory agents and together with some aloe and coconut milk makes one fast working and effective sunburn remedy.

Coconut Oil Lotion



When the skin gets burned it looses a lot of its moisture and you need to get it back and prevent loosing more. The coconut oil is especially greasy and provides your skin with the moisture it so desperately needs, so make sure to whip up this easy coconut oil lotion.

Baking Soda Spray



Perhaps you’re in a situation where you can’t get some of the supplies that might help you ease the sunburn, but if you happen to have some baking soda at hand, you’re saved. By simply adding a few spoons of baking soda to water, you’ll get a sunburn spray that soothes and stops your skin from peeling.

Oatmeal Bath Bombs



Oatmeal may be a healthy and tasty breakfast, but they will also hep you relieve those painful sunburns if you’re in a situation when you have nothing else. The oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that sooth the skin, so don’t forget to make these deliciously helpful oatmeal bath bombs.

Sunburn Relief Rescue Soap Recipe



If you like to be prepared and plan ahead, then make sure to make this sunburn relief soap long before might need it. made from natural sunburn remedies, the aloe cools and regenerates, while the tannins from the black tea will soothe he skin and and speed up the healing process.

Sunburn Remedies



The best sunburn recipe that we can give you is to make sure that you’ll never get sunburned at all. After all, prevention is the best cure, but if you want a few more sunburn soothers, you can always try yogurt cool compresses, potato paste, black tea or mint tea spray and witch hazel to name but a few. And make sure to drink a lot of water.