We all have that one completely empty, cold and stark wall at our home and we never know what to do with it. It is really amazing how blank walls, with a little dose of creativity can be transformed when almost anything is hung on them. Wall decorations can  increase the warmth of space and give the perfect interior design. If you are still thinking how to fill the empty walls,  then you are on the right article, because we are giving you amazing ideas to change that. These ideas are completely creative and you can easily do them by yourself. All you need is patience and right supplies. Spark your creativity and make your home look more warm, stylish and personal!

Photo Wall

DSC_0781DIY Tutorial via thehouseundone.blogspot.com

DIY Custom Wall Art with Fabric + Foam

cb572cdf5b949ee901c3d719e13e0693DIY Tutorial via craftsncoffee.com

Art of Grandeur

101353570.jpg.rendition.largestDIY Tutorial via bhg.com

DIY Stenciled Art Tutorial

stencil_bedroom_wallDIY Tutorial via thehandmadehome.net

A Bit of Nature

101630857.jpg.rendition.largestDIY Tutorial via bhg.com

Repurposed Hearty Maps

05000dc317779de5c3d9cec4b08bdbff1DIY Tutorial via everythingfab.com

Collection of Small Prints

101676543.jpg.rendition.largestDIY Tutorial via bhg.com

Fabric and Wallpaper Samples in a Frame

enhanced-buzz-7544-1345424495-17DIY Tutorial via buzzfeed.com

Antique Wall

6cf141dfe7433b08dca0ca016115d8071DIY Tutorial via bhg.com

Patterns in a Frame

101541284.jpg.rendition.largestDIY Tutorial via bhg.com