The softness, smoothness and delicacy of Velvet is undeniable! These popular woven tufted fabric can be made from different fibers, most typically silk. Velvet made purely out of silk is quite pricey though. The luxurious fabric was always associated nobility. Today velvet is used widely -both in the fashion industry and for home decorations and furniture. To honor this royal fabric, we decided to share The Top 10 Creative DIY Projects Using Velvet…

Velvet Dress to Holiday DIY Guide


DIY Velvet and Pearl Ribbon


Velvet Dress to Gift Wrapping ribbon


Velvet High Waist Shorts


Velvet ribbon hair bow

DIY Velvet Peter Pan Collar

top-10-creative-diy-projects-using-velvet_06DIY project and photo credit

Velvet bow sweater

top-10-creative-diy-projects-using-velvet_07DIY project and photo credit

DIY Pumpkin Center Pieces

top-10-creative-diy-projects-using-velvet_08DIY project and photo credit

Black Crushed Velvet Chair

top-10-creative-diy-projects-using-velvet_09DIY project and photo credit

Velvet Lampshades

top-10-creative-diy-projects-using-velvet_10DIY project and photo credit