Probably we all have pallets somewhere in the house. Well, pallets are often used as shipping crates, and hundreds of them are left at junkyards, on the sidewalk, and in dumpsters. But they are not so useless as they look. Pallet furniture has become really popular these days as recycling has become something that we all need to be doing. With a little effort, right materials and a good workspace, you can turn pallets into desks, chairs, coffee tables, and more. People have come up with some awesome ways to recycle and reuse wooden shipping pallets and we must admit that it’s pretty darn inspiring. Just for you, we’ve put together a collection of some of the best repurposed pallet projects below that we thought that you would enjoy!

DIY Pallet Storage Boxes

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_01DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pallet Wood Chair

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_02DIY Tutorial via

DIY Paller Garden Storage

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_03DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pallet Magazine Holder

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_04DIY Tutorial via

Cheap’n’Chic Pallet Sofa Tutorial

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pallet Desk

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_06DIY Tutorial via

Pallet Coffee Table Tutorial

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_07DIY Tutorial via

Recycled Pallet Headboard

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_08DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pallet Table

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_09DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pallet Bench

creative-way-repourpose-pallet_10DIY Tutorial via