Interior is one of the most essential thing in the life. Your home is a place where you are spending the most of your life time and a place where you find your own peace. Bright colors are always nice for a nice spiritual interior but if they are not combined with a fresh colors they might be a monotone combination.

There are many more ways which can help you to make you home space interesting just by adding a few fresh colored detail into you room space. So small details but they may change the total view of your space and the home decor. By so simple and cheap steps you can turn your interior from normal bright colored into a super modern fresh home decor.

1. Fresh Flowers



All of the interiors change when in the home decor are added flowers. Beside the total turn over with their fresh colors and also advantage plus is that they smell really well. If you want to put the spring directly into your home then this is the way. For a better effect you should match the flowers color with the color of your pillow cases or maybe with a detail on your coffee table such as books, candles, frames and etc.

2. Fresh Color Pillows



This photo is a total proof how this nice colorful pillowcases can make a total makeover your home decor. You monotone bright colors interior will be simply turnover into a nice colorful place just by adding the small colorful pillow cases, which should match the other small details in the decor. This is a really cheap way to make you interior looking way much better. In the  interior of the photo the choice was floral gold and pink pillows, then combined with gold/white and gold/grey pillowcase. This is easy way which you can also learn how to DIY just by watching few tutorials.

3. Gold Colored Details



Gold – colored details are so fit for a bright white interior. The interior on the photo includes gold chair which you can buy online or the cheaper way is to paint your own chair with metallic gold color which you can buy almost in every paints store. You can finish your decor with gold pillow, small gold details like pens holder, or a nice elegant gold framed mirror. Gold is a perfect combination with white and black home decor.

4. Fresh Colored Art Painting With Matching Details



Grey light colors are perfect combination with white, black and yellow colors and this photo is a proof for that. A lovely and nice fresh color art painting is a nice detail which can give life in the room. You can try to paint your own painting or if you don’t have time for that, you can simply order a nice art painting from the internet art design websites. In the interior on the photo the yellow art painting is matched with yellow details such as pillowcases, yellow flowers and with yellow small details such as books, cups, candles, vases and etc.

5. Fresh Colored Chair With Matching Small Details



Many of you never thought to bring the turquoise color into your room space, but after this lovely photo above might change your mind. The turquoise color is so nice fresh color which brings life into every home decor. It is a perfect combination with white, beige or with brown tones. This lovely decor is a combination of turquoise/white blanket, turquoise pillows and a nice turquoise velvet chair. This color gives a really nice vibes into a nice bright colored home decor.

6. Pastel China Bone Plates and Mugs



Pastel colors are also bright, but on the other side they give life and freshness into the home space. Every dining room should have at least one fresh colored dining set. In this example it is a bright fresh pastel china bones dining set, but the same effect will be made if you have you more intense fresh colored dining set. This is an interesting and cheap method how to turn over you dining room. Also you can turnover your basic white dining set into a colored one by yourself, the only thing you should do is search for a DIY tutorial and to take the colors in your hands.

7. Colorful Decorative Vases With Matching Details



Vases and big jars makes the home decor more spiritual. When you are setting the decorative big vases make sure there are three of them in different dimensions because three it’s the best combination, also in different shape and dimension. They are totally modern in every color, but in this example they are blue and white. It is always nice to match their color with the others details in the interior like pillows, flowers, candles or maybe paintings.

8. Add Green in The Garden Decor



The garden decor is really interesting part of your total image at your home space. To have a nice and spiritual garden decor and for a better look you should always combine with a fresh green colored details. This green details such as outdoor blankets, print for the chairs, the vase on the table or the pillows like on the photo above you can match with pink colored details as well. This green details will match the trees and the grass and it will give the total natural spirit to the decor.

9. Colorful Bookshelves



If you are a book lover this is a perfect idea how to use your favorite books to turn over your home decor into a perfection. Start by setting the books into a different rows by their color, after you finish you should place each of the pair in same color into the squares in the bookshelves. Buy some other details and small sculptures to finish the total look. In the end you will have a nice and colorful bookshelves which will fit perfect into your bright colored interior.

10. Fresh Colored Curtains



The curtains are one of the most important finish detail in every home decor. It is not really easy to choose the perfect curtains. If you have the total bright colored interior then your curtains should be in different  fresh color. Always choose fresh but darker colors or a combination of fresh intense and light color. In this example there is a turquoise color curtains which have a perfect match with the vase, pillows and the carpet details. This is an inspirational idea for your home decor.