Did you now that Mousse means Foam in French? It makes sense doesn’t it? We all love these foamy cream that can vary from light and fluffy to thick and creamy. The sweet mouses are usually made with whipped cream or egg whites and can have many flavors. Ever wonder how to make a perfect, light and airy mousse at home? If you haven’t found the right recipe yet – check out our Top 10 Deliciously Bubbly Mousse Recipes and try them out – you’ll be surprised how easy they are!

Pumpkin Mousse

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_01Recipe via  spoonforkbacon.com

How to make quick mango mousse

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_02Recipe via  vegrecipesofindia.com


top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_03Recipe via branappetit.com

Egg free quark chocolate mousse recipe

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_04Recipe via  maisoncupcake.com

Mini Chocolate Mousse

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_05Recipe via mamasgottabake.wordpress.com

Black forest mousse

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_06Recipe via simplefood4you.wordpress.com

The Only Chocolate Mousse Recipe You’ll Ever Need

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_07Recipe via  buttercupdaysuk.blogspot.com

Strawberry Lemon Zest Mousse

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_08Recipe via  apronstringsblog.com

Mascarpone Pumpkin Mousse Cups Recipe

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_09Recipe via  foodiecrush.com

Gelatin-Free Mango Mousse

top-10-deliciously-bubbly-mousse-recipes_10Recipe via  recipetreasure.com