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Top 10 Design Ideas For Your New Home

The most important part of designing your home is to make sure that the space reflects who you are, and what you like. No two homes should be the same, so if you’re looking for a new place to call your own and to better help you design your dream home, here are 10 ideas to help you get started on making it your own.


1. Go Over the Top 

Look for inspiration online and from designers. Take a look at things that a luxury home builder with over 25 years experience would recommend. This is your new space and you want it to reflect you and how you style has evolved. There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh start.

2. Everything Old is New Again

Although you are trying to “class up” your place, things don’t have to be brand spanking new. Find that unique piece that speaks to you at a flea market or thrift store and give it some TLC. You will save money and land yourself either a one-of-a-kind conversation starter or a perfectly functional home accessory!

3. Think Outside the Box

For many of us, our homes serve as an escape from our hectic lives, so why not make it more stimulating by taking out some walls? A great way to break up a monotonous layout is to move or remove some walls. You can even try doing this around corners or next to staircases for something really different!

4. Personal Touches Always Make a Place Feel Like Home

Place small trinkets you’ve collected on travels next to family pictures in an old picture frame you found at the flea market or that thrift store you frequent. You should also consider other personal items that remind you of happy memories.

5. Throw Down a Rug

If you’re looking to knock out the competition, try covering your floors with area rugs. You may think adding so many will be expensive, but if you check thrift stores or flea markets for deals, they can cost as little as $20.

6. Let There Be Light! 

It is said that good lighting makes an interior designer’s heart sing; well I’m sure at least most of us agree on that! And it doesn’t help that high-quality lights can cost a pretty penny either (I’m talking way more than $20). So instead of splurging on pricey lamps and fixtures, utilize what nature has provided by simply opening your curtains or blinds during the day. This will not only brighten up your space but also illuminate the natural light that is a free alternative for a designer-style lamp or fixture!

7. Be a Trendsetter 

If you’re dying to have the latest decorating style, don’t just sit around and wait until you have enough cash to buy it all at once. Why not try setting trends by using styles from previous decades? You could add mid-century modern pieces in your living room, some glam touches in your bathroom and some rustic flair in your bedroom!

8. Mix + Match = Success 

Just because you may be working with a small budget does not mean that everything has to match perfectly. In, mixing different patterns and various styles can actually look really good if done properly.

9. Lighten Up 

Although you may love the idea of adding more lighting fixtures, it is not always feasible. So instead of spending too much on an impractical lamp or fixture, try using items that are already in your house, like tall vases for instance! These tall glass vessels can be filled with various materials to create a unique piece of art. I would recommend filling these vases with sand and attaching tea lights to the bottom for lighting options without having to pay too much!

10. If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Don’t make hasty decisions when redecorating your space. It’s fine if you need to buy something else because it’s not quite right, but do not just stop there! Make sure whatever item you are buying goes with your original plan and works with the space.


Designing a home from scratch can be overwhelming, but it’s easier when you follow these ten basic rules. These guidelines not only work for those with a small budget, but they are great even if you have deep pockets of money to spend! All that matters is that your personal style shines through in whatever you create. So don’t let anything stop you from decorating your brand new home the way YOU want it!!


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