Many species of mushrooms seemingly appear overnight, growing or expanding rapidly. Driven by this specific characteristic people came up with the famous name, mushroom. Today, this wonderful foodstuff is famous all over the world, and mushrooms are present in every cuisine around the globe. One of the specialties is the mushroom sauce, that has thousands of varieties. It can be creamy, mixed with vegetables or wine and many other ingredients. The best way to try some delicious mushroom sauce is to serve together with pasta, chicken, gnocchi, pork or something similarly. We have made for you a fantastic list of top 10 various dishes with mushroom sauce. Try and cook these recipes in your own kitchen, it’s easy. We are sure that you will become totally addicted to these mushroom sauces!

Peppered Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_011Recipe via

Crumbed Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_021Recipe via

Veal Chops with Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Mashed Potatoes

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_031Recipe via

Pasta with Monster Mushroom Sauce

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_041Recipe via

Steak with Mushroom Miso Sauce

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_051Recipe via

Roast Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_061Recipe via

Pulled Pork in a Mushroom Sauce

dishes-with-mushroom-sauce_071Recipe via

Tortellini with Mushroom Sauce

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Green Bean Casserole with Portabella Mushroom Sauce

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Gnocchi with Creamy-Mushroom and Leek Sauce

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