If you are as inventive as we think you are, since you opened this article, than this is going to be fun. Pretty much all the beauty products you usually buy in stores, you can really make them on your own. It’s not just cheaper, but it will also make you be proud of yourself. When you make one of them, you will want to make many more and different ones. So, we have suggestions here for you how to achieve that. Let us know how it turned out to be and if you have an extra advice for us, we are more than happy to hear it out.

DIY Dove Body Wash

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Getting this done is much easier than you thought. Don’t be skeptical about it and you’ll learn it very easy and fast. It saves your money and it brings out the creativity in you. Check it out!

DIY Shea Body Butter Recipe

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Easy to make as well, and now when you think about it, is there a better gift than a one you made by yourself? Everyone will appreciate it. Make this one, add a fragrance you or your friend loves, and there you go. Low cost but very valuable gift.

DIY Shaving Lotion

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You are constantly disappointed by all the shaving lotions you’ve been using so far. Well, it’s time to get things in your hands. Make one on your own and you’ll be more than happy. When you see how good it is, let your friend know about it. Everybody likes tips as this one. We do too.

DIY Lavender Solid Perfume

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You really travel a lot? Then, this is a perfect thing for you to make. It’s solid, not liquid, so you’ll be able to carry it around with you anywhere you go. Even flying. East to make and overwhelming results.

DIY Banana Hair Mask

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There are so many vitamins in banana, you will be surprised how shiny and healthy looking you hair will be after one applying of banana  mask. Smells good, looks good, easy to make. What else you need?

DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

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Have you been using a scrub before? It really gets your skin refreshed and gentle after it. An we really do suggest you those homemade ones, because you know exactly what’s in it. So, this one is perfect and easy to make if it’s your first time, but even if it’s not, it’s worth trying.

DIY Homemade Natural Translucent Powder

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Now admit it. You are extremely surprised that you can make a powder, a good one actually, on your own. Yes, you can and we are in love with it. Try to make it, it’s cheap, good for your skin and it lasts for a long time. Win Win.

DIY Lemon Nail Manicure

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The best feeling ever. Healthy lemon scrub is just what you need to heal you nails and cuticles. Salt, sugar, lemon and you are ready for that new polish you just bought.

DIY: Berry Lip Stain

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You were never so close to have your favorite food and antioxidants in a lip stain form. It is so simple to make it an you will enjoy this one so much. We did. We almost ate it all.

DIY Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color

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This is something that rarely happens and turns out to be true. But, this one really easy. Have you ever thought that an eyeshadow and clear nail polish can make a great color nail polish? Yes, they can. We are surprised as well. Try this one. At least, you will have a lots of fun.