Charming bracelets can’t seem to lose their charm. They’re cute, childish, and they never go out of style. If these bracelets are your kind of jewelry and you totally love wearing them, here’s your opportunity to save up your money and still own the most charming bracelets, by making it yourself. They’ll make a lovely addition to your everyday clothing, so you won’t have to worry too much about what kind of jewels to put on today. We promise that you wouldn’t want to take them off once you start wearing them. And there’s no need to when they look that appealing on you!

Friendship Charm Bracelet


What’s more important than true friendship? Surprise your bestie with this handmade bracelet. You’ll sure take their breath away when they see what you’ve made them.

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Lace Charm Bracelet


For anyone who likes the light,soft look of lace, you sure shouldn’t miss the chance to make them a funky lace bracelet. The charms make it even more captivating.

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Woven Charm Bracelet


This bracelet is the right pick for each and every one who likes the twist and braid style. It looks engaging and edgy. You’ll sure be keen on wearing it.

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Stretch Band and Chain Charm Bracelet


If you’re totally crazy about the chunky chain accessory trend, then this ultra chic bracelet will be the proper extra attachment to your chain necklace.

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Candy Colored Charm Bracelet


Here’s something for every girl who likes the colors of the rainbow. Interesting and enjoyable mixture of supercool charms, and bright shades of pink, green and yellow.

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Buttons Charm Bracelets


Who would thought that buttons could make such pretty charms? Now it’s the right time to use all those buttons you have at home in order to get the most fetching bracelet.

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Spring Charm Bracelet


Although spring is still months away , you need to be prepared to welcome it in style . You can wear this in the winter time too. It’s bright and vibrant enough to light up a cloudy wintertime.

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Floral Mod Podge Charm Bracelet


If you’re addicted to the floral print now you can finally have it on everything you put on. Delight in wearing this nice and likable bracelet.

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Lucky Charm Bracelet


This list of  bracelets cannot be complete without the lucky charm. The classic all time favorite talisman. In case you still don’t have one, now’s the ideal time to make one for yourself.

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Macrame Charm Bracelet


Plain and simple, easy to wear and delicate looking bracelet. If this is your kind of style then you’ve just found the perfect match. There’s no doubt it’ll look gorgeous on you!

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