You can find some many useful things at a dollar store. With a little creativity (and some awesome ideas provided by our team) you can make interesting and trendy items out of the cheapest little things. Lanterns, Shoes, Wall Art and so many more DIY projects are waiting for you to discover. Take a look at the Top 10 DIY Dollar Store Projects – you would never believe their actual cost!

A DIY Cloche from a Dollar Store Hurricane Lantern

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Easy DIY Gumball Machine

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Cool Dollar Store Wall Art

top-10-diy-dollar-store-projects_03DIY Tutorial via

Make Tacky Shoes

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DIY dollar store PUMPKINS

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DIY Gold Striped Vases

top-10-diy-dollar-store-projects_06DIY Tutorial via

DIY Twine Pears

top-10-diy-dollar-store-projects_07DIY Tutorial via

DIY Halloween Cake Stands

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DIY Dollar Store Fall Garland

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DIY Burlap-Wrapped Vase

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