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Top 10 DIY Faux Gemstones For Homemade Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, it’s a fact that most women prefer it to be made from real gemstones rather than gemstone imitations. And for a very good reason – they’re much more skin-friendly in terms of allergies, and they look much shinier. That’s great if you’re someone who can afford a good piece of authentic gemstone jewelry. However, if you don’t yet belong to that category, don’t wallow in self-pity. There’s good news for you, too!

What if we told you that homemade jewelry can look just as beautiful as store-bought ones? If you’ve already known this, chances are you’ve seen someone wearing a homemade necklace and admired their beauty and the creator’s skillfulness. You probably thought it took them an eternity to master those skills and make that piece of jewelry on their own. However, this may be far from the truth. Now, we’re about to tell you that with a bit of a creative drive and patience, you’ll be on your way to owning a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry made with your very own hands.

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This time, we’ve searched the Internet and gathered the top 10 DIY faux gemstone projects for homemade jewelry in one article, just for you. Do check them out and we hope that at least one will inspire and encourage you to take up handcrafting jewelry in the future. And more importantly, will these convince you that there’s no great difference in appearance between real and faux gemstones? We sure hope so.

So, without further ado, let’s go over the projects!

Faux Rose Quartz


Have you ever wanted to own a pair of quartz earrings and necklace, but always cringed whenever you saw the price tag at the jewelry store? Don’t worry, this DIY project will show you all the steps necessary for you to make yourself some faux rose quartz earrings and a necklace without breaking the bank.

Lesson – Imitation Malachite


When has any imitation looked so good? If this tutorial on how to make faux malachite earrings was enough to convince you to make them, then click on the link and follow the instructions. Trust us, you’ll have just as fun making them as you’ll have fun wearing them.

How To Make F’opals (Faux Opals)


What makes opals so beautiful is that they tend to look like they’ve been taken out of the sea. This is probably because they contain water, they’re rich in marine-like colors, and because they reflect sunlight. While faux opals aren’t as shiny as real ones, they’re definitely just as beautiful. Proof of that is this photo of a faux opal whose tutorial you can find in the link above.

How To Make Faux Lapis Lazuli


Like the author of this tutorial says, polymer clay, the material used for faux lapis lazuli jewelry, is known for its ability to look like many natural materials when shaped properly. If you’ve been amazed by its beauty and its ability to not look like an imitation, click on the link to check out the tutorials for many different pieces of jewelry made of polymer clay.

Faux Turquoise Tutorial


With the summer here, every lady wants some marine-inspired jewelry she can wear at the beach or at the cafe. Since real turquoise jewelry is really hard to find and fairly expensive, why don’t you make some pieces of faux turquoise jewelry using the materials and instructions provided in this tutorial? We bet yours will be much prettier than the imitations you can find at the store.

Faux Tiger Eye


We’ve been singing the Eye of the Tiger song in our heads ever since we found this tutorial. If you found the idea of wearing a faux tiger eye on your neck appealing, then it’s time to head over to the video tutorial that will show you just how to make it.

Faux Jade Earrings


Polymer clay makes its appearance once again. This time, for the creation of some faux jade earrings. These are perfect to wear during the spring and summer and you’ll be amazed at how expensive and authentic they look even though they were made by your creative hands only.

Faux Labradorite Pendant


Who would have thought that some polymer clay and mica powder were all you needed for you to make as much jewelry as you want? Check out this faux labradorite tutorial to see all the materials you’ll need to make them and watch as you create something you never thought you could create.

Faux Agate Necklace


Polymer clay strikes again with its never-ending power. We’ve already learned that it can be shaped and hardened to form jewelry so beautiful you’ll think it’s made from natural materials. If you liked what you saw, click on the link to see what materials you’ll need and what instructions you’ll need to follow.

Faux Gold Dipped Crystals


Finally, it’s time to make room for the materials used to create these beautiful faux crystal necklaces that look just like the real deal. With just a bit of work and creativity, you’ll be ready to show them off to your friends in no time.

There you have it. Now you have another talent you can add to your list of achievements. We truly hope we’ve succeeded in inspiring you to try some of these tutorials. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, happy crafting!

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