It’s always a good time to bring fresh and new ideas into your home. If you’re the type of person who likes to have plants inside your home and take care of them, you will also like to have them placed in a nice planter.

Before you go and spend so much money on expensive, dull planters and on something you’ve already seen times and times before – stop. Instead of that, look for other possibilities, such as making your own planter. If you’re wondering why, it’s because it’s cheaper, you can decorate how you like and as much as you like and when it comes to hanging planters, the best is that they don’t even take much space. Keep scrolling to get inspired!

1. Polish Chandelier Planter



Tassels, pom poms and pretty colors – who can resist that? This planter can bring color into your home. To make this Polish chandelier as your new planter, you need the following materials: cardboard, pencil, craft knife, masking tape, newspaper, baking, flour, water, bowl, whisk, paint and paint brush. After you have it all done, it’s time for some decorations. Besides the pom poms and the tassels, you can also use beads in colors by your choice. As you can see, purple, blue, red and orange go perfect together!

2. Garden Trellis Planter


The garden trellis hanging planter is simple, yet it can add such a change into your home’s decoration. If you’re trying to keep things minimal, then this might be the perfect planter for you. You just need four materials: garden trellis, gold – spray paint, wire cutters and zip – ties. Start with preparing the trellis by making an interesting geometric design. Bend the bottom inward to secure the plants, paint it gold and let it dry. This planter doesn’t own any watering system, which means you must use air plants, which is good because they don’t require too much care.

3. Woven Hanging Planter



Using woven as planter decorations can work out just fine, even better! It adds a little bit of old 50’s and 60’s charm, so if you craving for some vintage atmosphere, give the woven a try. For this project, you need yarns and wool, plant pot, masking tape, tapestry or darning needle and scrap paper. This hanging planter also has tassels, that you can either buy or make them yourself. Whichever option you choose, just choose colorful! It will go great with the macrame style knots around the weave.

4. Faux Ceramic Hanging Planters



Creating a faux ceramic look is easy and fun, especially if you like working with air dry clay. Other materials that you need are acrylic paint in black and brown (or you can try other colors as well), acrylic gloss medium, leather cord, paintbrush and toothpick. Use clay to create planters and let them dry. Add tape on the bottom and paint it brown, remove the tape and again let it dry. After that take a toothpick, pin it the black color and make a speckled effect. When it’s all well – dried, add few coats of gloss medium and thread the cord through the holes.

5. Nesting Bird Hanging Planter



Having a bird planter as your new hanging planter seems really nice! If you’re not able to find such figure, pick something else you like. So, besides the figure planters, what you need is leather lace in one color, two pieces of contrasting leather lace, wire, unfinished wood ring 2 inches diameter, unfinished wood beads, glue gun, pencil, combination pliers or scissors to cut wire/leather and plants, like air plants and succulents. You need two 54 inches long pieces of lace for the bigger bird, and 40 inches long for the smaller one. When it comes to the wire, use thin copper wire because it’s easier to handle.

6. Plastic Fishbowl Hanging Planter



Instead of placing fish to live inside, why don’t you use a fishbowl for other purpose, such as serving you as your new hanging planter? It’s creative and very easy project that you can do it all by yourself. Besides the plastic fishbowl, you need eye bolts, “S” hooks, large washer that will fit over the eye bolt, thin, metal chain to hang the planter on, drill, ceiling hooks, small succulents or other plants and potting soil. Drill a hole into the bowl and put eye bolt through it. Fill the bowl with soil and start planting.

7. Macramé Hanging Planter



To make this super simple and adorable Macramé project you just need four materials: clothesline rope, bowl, small plant and tape. Cut 8 pieces of rope about 4-5 feet each, gather them and tie a knot at one end, leaving few inches at the bottom. Split the rope in 4 sections and 2 strands each, then on each strand tie a double knot. When you have four knots, lay the piece flat and place the bowl into the center, with an already created a cross shape with square shape. Tie a knot at the end of the planter and you can either braid or twist the remaining strands.

8. Coconut Hanging Planter



Besides having so many health benefits, coconuts can be used for other purposes such as hanging planters! Make sure you have half a coconut shell, a hand drill, 4 x 75cm lengths of string or twine, 4 x wooden beads, acrylic paints in your choice of colors, washi tape, a little metal keyring hoop, a handful of succulent & cactus soil and some small succulents and cacti. First design your coconut, paint whatever you want to see on it and then drill 5 holes. Thread twine to each hole along with a bead and make it equal on both sides. Add soil and plant your succulents.

9. Hanging Copper Planter



Copper – colored decorations have certainly some charm! If you’re a fan of copper, then all you need is a copper spray paint and you can make your little own world of copper. Or, you can just stick to one item and make it your hanging planter. You need leather scrap strips, sharp tool to puncture holes (such as scissors), copper spray paint, succulent pots and tin buckets. Spray paint the buckets in copper and let dry. Place inside succulents pots with the proper measurements and cut leather strips accordingly. Make two holes on each end and insert rivets. Loop through the side handles and snap rivets.

10. Neon Straws Hanging Topper



For this aodrable DIY project, you just need neon cord, neon straws, planters, scissors and succulents. What really makes these hanging planters special is their colors. If you want to bring some colorfulness in your home, making space for neon decoration is going to pay off. These neon planters will charm every room with their color no matter where you put. Plus, in a combination with succulents, which are very adorable plants, they are one great combination!