Ok, you probably have already figured out that we have an undying love for succulents. They are one of the gardening’s hottest trends for 2015 after all. Actually, we think they have always been trendy and always will be. How can you not love this little cuties when they are not only adorable, but so easy to grow. Succulents require minimal conditions and minimal care, not to mention they can grow in a really limited space with very little soil which makes them perfect for very small gardens or balconies. They also work great in planters, placed on your porch, around the garden or in your home.


Today we are talking about outdoor succulent gardens and all the ways you can make one on your own. These 10 projects are easy to make and will show you how to get a perfect addition to your backyard this spring.

Choose a vertical succulent garden if you have limited space, plant succulents in portable pots so you can move them around or simply plant different kinds of succulents around a small edge and create a mini garden even in a small space. Take a look and get inspired to create your own outdoor succulent garden!

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden Tutorial



There are so many DIY vertical succulent garden tutorials out there, but we chose this one because it is easy and simple to do as it uses a ready-made shallow box. Besides the shallow box, for this project you will need, chicken wire, landscaping plastic, cactus soil, dried moss, succulent clippings, pliers, wire cutters, work gloves, staple gun, staples, wood scale, brush or rag. The final result is a stunning vertical succulent garden.