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Top 10 DIY Party Food Ideas

If you are one of those who are doing big parties, or like being the host for a weekend with friends, then you definitely need some creative food ideas. It’s fascinating how just two, three, or four ingredients could be combined for a flavorful one-bite appetizer or layered on a piece of toasted baguette for a tasty crostini.

So, look no further for a party menu, because we’ve made a list of top 10 party food ideas which you can make on your own.

These crowd-thrilling party foods are simple to make and so delicious. Your guests will think that you slaved hours over them. Guess what? We’ve got you covered!

1. Mini Tomato & Goat Cheese Tarts


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Use up cherry tomatoes in these little ready-made puff pastry tartlets – get ahead by roasting the three whole garlic bulbs the night before. Incredible flavors from both the roasted garlic and fresh goat’s cheese. As an addition, you could also add caramelized red onions to the dish. A great way to start a party and is 100% vegetarian. A bigger family size version is also available as a great alternative to pizza.

2. Bloody Marry Shrimp Shooters


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Nothing says party more than having a little vodka sneaked into the food. If you love a good bloody mary then this is definitely a must-try. So refreshing and ideal to cleanse the palate ready for more. Use the tail on the shrimp for ease of holding and looks great as a presentation. You can also swap the bloody mary for a margarita style shooter with shrimps. Or make both, it’s a party after all!

3. Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Dill Blinis


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This little appetizer is one absolute favorite. Blinis are so dainty and therefore make perfect starters or finger food. And it’s even more satisfying when you make the blinis yourself, especially because they’re so easy to make. The ingredients for the blinis are all staple pantry items so they shouldn’t require an extra shopping trip and this super speedy recipe for them makes around 15-20 blinis so they’ll be more than enough!

4. Arancini di Riso


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It is very close to impossible not to enjoy this next recipe. It’s an all-time favorite and has appeared on so many finger bites party menus. Adapt these arancini fried rice balls to your liking: add fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped ham, or mushrooms. You can also make the balls from leftover cold risotto. Serve this alongside a thick tomato sauce reduced for hours on low heat. If you are able to make the risotto a few hours ahead of time, or even the day before, this will work in your favor as it can be refrigerated so that it sticks together more easily.

5. Chicken Satay With Peanut Butter Sauce


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Originating from Indonesia but seen in most parts of Asia, Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce recipe is one we will find ourselves making on repeat. It’s simple to make, the flavor rewards are spectacular, and there’s something inexplicably fun about eating food on a stick! Juicy strips of chicken that are soaked in a flavorful Asian marinade.

6. Teriyaki Beef In Lettuce Cups


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Add a taste from Asia to your next party. These Teriyaki beef lettuce cups make light, fresh and tasty appetizers. And they’re fun to eat! Place a pile of lettuce cups with a bowl of filling on a platter for everyone to help themselves. These have so much intense flavor hence, make sure to have more in the kitchen as these will soon be everyone’s favorite little bites.

7. Mini Lamb Burgers With Feta Cheese & Tzatziki


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If you like greek food you’ll love this flavorful lamb mini burger with the ultimate, most refreshing dipping sauce, the tzatziki. A bit of advice for the cucumber will be to remove as much moisture from the cucumber itself by squeezing it by hand or in a dry cloth. This will make your tzatziki less likely to water up and keep the yogurt to a thick consistency. A great alternative to a standard small burger with even bigger brownie points from your party people.

8. Jalapeno Poppers Stuffed With Cheese


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DELICIOUS! These moreish, easy-to-make poppers are perfect for a casual party that is sure to warm the atmosphere up thanks to a little heat from the jalapeno. Best served warm or 5 minutes from taking out of the oven. If you don’t like the sound of spiciness, then take away the pith which is the white part of the jalapeno. Usually seen in most Mexican restaurants stuffed with cheese. Trust us, you will be making them again and again.

9. Mini Twice Baked Potatoes


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Comfort food meets the cocktail happy hour. Mini potatoes boast in flavor and are a great favorite for kids and adults alike and perfect for any party occasion. Made with freshly grated parmesan cheese and a little sprinkle of bacon, it’s a carbonara potato kinda treat! A little tricky by having to bake them twice but so delicious. Perfect with a little sour cream and chive dip.

10. Vegetable Samosas


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The palm-sized dumplings are iconic of street stalls and restaurant menus alike. Indian festival banquets wouldn’t be complete without them, either. Traditionally, these are fried snacks that are relatively easy to do. Samosas are so much better fresh and can be made ahead and fried at the last minute. Great for entertaining, but also for making a curry night feel special or as a light lunch with friends. Serve with a fresh mint and yogurt sauce and you’ve won over the party spirit.

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