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Top 10 DIY Refashioning Of A Men’s Dress Shirt

Most women believe that for a man to find them sexy, they need to wear skimpy clothes and to show as much skin as possible. In most cases, they would be wrong. Most men do like provocatively dressed women, but most of the time, they might consider them trashy rather than sexy.

The secret that most women don’t realize is that being sexy in a man’s eye lays more in the woman’s confidence rather than the clothes she wears.

For example, nothing is sexier for a man than seeing a woman wearing his over-sized button-down shirt. The large shirt does nothing to show off the body’s curves, yet men go crazy over it.

It may have something to do with the primal urge of possessiveness, seeing the target of his affection covered in the clothes he owns and feeling comfortable in them too. But, the fashion fanatics that omen tend always to find a way to make something even better.

Turning a man’s shirt into something that you might actually wear in public is a nice project that can’t be passed by, and with the summer holidays emptying your budget, it is always welcomed to have some extra rags for free.

So, take your man’s least favorite shirt and turn it into sexy and fashionable clothing that will catch and hold his eye only on you, and to help you in your refashioning adventure, we offer you the Top 10 tutorials for refashioning men’s shirts.

Cute Strapless Top



On hot summer days, this lovely strapless top will be just the thing you’ll need to keep cool. With just a small elastic under the bust-line, this is a breezy top that is a breeze to make, needing only a shirt and basic sewing skills.

Bustier Dress Or Tunic



A nice bustier dress is excellent when you want to have that extra push and support without wearing a bra. The length of the dress is also just right for those scorching summer days, and when those summer rains cool the weather down, down on some leggings, and you’ve got a sexy tunic.

Dress Shirt Skirt



Thinking about getting a more casual skirt that you can wear every day, but you can’t spare the money for it? Then take a dress shirt and make this light and easy knee length skirt, and if you want a fun detail, use the sleeves as a nice belt.

Dress Shirt To Halter Top



Getting a look that is both business and casual has never been easier. By putting a braid at the top of your back and keeping the shirt’s front look as it is, you are left with a halter suitable for summer casual business lunches or coffee with your friends.

Pencil Skirt



Since we’re talking about business attire, a pencil skirt is a clothing piece that you simply must-have. To have e bit of variety in your office clothes, you can make a respectable skirt anyone even noticing that the skirt is actually a man’s shirt.

Fancy Dress Or Light Summer Coat



You don’t need to have great sewing skills to be able to make this fashionable piece. By cutting off the excess fabric to fit your figure and sewing in fabric pieces to add some color, you get this amazing dress that can also serve you as a light summer coat.

Lady’s Tank Top



When going on a picking, visiting friends, or for other casual summer activities and gatherings, you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident in this pretty little tank top that you can easily make from that old over-sized dress shirt.

Dress Shirt Romper



Rompers have made a comeback in woman’s fashion this last decade, and you can’t argue that they do look quite sexy and flattering, especially on women with shorter legs. It gives you a sexy yet respectable and well put together look. Use your seamstress knowledge and turn your man’s shirt into a romper.

No-Sew Instant Dresses



Perhaps you are taken by the idea of making a dress from your man’s shirt, but unfortunately, you have no sewing skills whatsoever. Don’t despair, for here we have a tutorial that will show you all the different types of dresses and tops that you can make in minutes by wrapping the shirt around you in a certain way.

ChamBray Dress



Simple is better and sometimes is the best. No matter the accessories or provocative fitting, this incredibly easy to make dress may look plain, but believe us when we say that it will be the most beautiful dress for the world for the most important man in your life.

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