Top 10 DIY Simple Flowers Arrangements

We are simply in love with them. They can be décor, symbol of love or friendship, weddings and funeral arrangements, they can be someone’s attention, someone’s kindness…They can be yellow, pink or red. They can make the rooms smell so good. They are feast for the eyes. They are flowers. We show you Тop 10 DIY Simple Flowers Arrangement which you can make it at home and you don’t need extra equipment. Rich your space with one of these and enjoy the view.

Inside Vаse Arrangement


Take the longest vase that you have at home and put water inside. Tight the flowers together with the leafs from the flowers and make a good base, so the flowers can stand still. Then, place the flowers inside and you will have a wonderful arrangement.

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Gift Box Arrangement


Gift boxes. You already set your make up in one, your accessories in another and still you have 3 more left. Take them and make a flower arrangement. Cut the handles of the flowers and put them in the gift box. Decorate the box with green plants and you have a new way of showing your creativity.

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Tea Cup Arrangement


You are bored from your old tea cups and you have already bought new ones. Don’t through the old ones. Use it like a flowers décor. Short the flowers in the dimensions of the tea cup. Put a little water and place the flowers. Place them all around.

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Tray Arrangement


You are preparing for your birthday dinner party. Rich your table with some flower décor. Take a tray and arrange it with different color flowers. Put a table sheet which it will goes with the color of the flowers. You have a perfect match.

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Shoe Arrangement


It is a strange way to arrange your flowers, but definitely, unique. Use your old shoes. This can be perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or just a gift without reason. Every girl will fall on this.

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 Hanging Jar Arrangement


Take a few empty jars from your basement. Take a rope and tie it around the jars.  Put  water and the flowers and hang them on the wall. This could be excellent design for your bedroom.

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Wine Glass Arrangement


Another creation for a table arrangement. It is very simple; you just need wine glass.

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Fruit Arrangement


Wow. It looks so fresh. Combination of fruits and flowers. Take a bigger transparent vase and cut slices of lemons or oranges. Put them into the vase and add the flowers. Ant other solution is to put the whole fruits. Change the two solutions occasionally.

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Basket Arrangement


We guess you’ve seen this arrangement many times. We just want to remind you! Take a basket and arrange it. Be innovative. You can add anything. If you are decorating for Christmas, add some pine cones. If you are decorating for Easter, add some eggs.

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Flower Water Bucket Arrangement


Another use of the Flower Water Bucket. You can put only fresh flowers or you can put a soil a plant some flowers. The best place for it would be in the garden.

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