The market is absolutely saturated with designs and patterns and everything. So it’s quite hard to find something really unique and one of a kind. Take the notebook covers for example. The give you a lot of choice, but then again when you think about it the only thing you have to choose from is movie characters, Hollywood stars or Disney animals. They are super cute, not question there, but sometimes you wish for a specific design and kind of notebook. A unique notebook that will be different than anyone else’s, and be completely yours. We put together a list of our top 10 DIY projects that will transform you notebook covers from boring, to fun and unique. Give us your feedback in the comments section if you’ve tried some of these, or just share with us your designs and ideas for a DIY notebook cover.

1. Embroidered Notebook Covers



This is actually a kit that you can buy at the store and then do it yourself but this is a simple and fun design that you can do on your own. What you would need, is a simple paperback covered notebook, a thread in a color of your choosing and a thread. Just put holes in the cover of the notebook and using the needle, weave the thread through the holes in a pattern you like.

2. Chalkboard Cover



This is a very interesting and easy one. All you need is a notebook, a chalkboard contact paper and a pair of scissors. Just put the notebook on the contact paper to measure how much would you need and cut according to the dimensions. Notch the corners so you won’t have excess paper. To adhere it, just peel of the paper backing and carefully apply it to the notebook while still minding the measurements from before. After that has been done, just take a piece of chalk and make your notebook unique.

3. Tumblr Inspired Cover



This is a really fun and creative way to customize our notebook covers and make them unique. You’ll need colorful paper, magazines, scissors, glue and some markers. This is all about you and your inspiration. Just cut out pieces from the magazines in triangle shapes and glue them to the cover in a pattern or completely cover your notebook with some colorful paper and make it unique with some custom made stickers. Get creative and wild with this one.

4. Washi Tape Covers



Ah the ever so wonderful Washi tape. No wonder they call it masking tape; it is capable of masking and transforming anything you like from dull and boring, to unique and fun. Use washi tape on your notebooks and create a unique cover. Tape just the half of it, or certain parts…you can play around with this as you like. And the best thing? You can always change it for a different design when you get bored with that one.

5. Fabric Тape/ Sticker Сover



This is such a cute way to make your notebook covers unique. It’s just the same as how you lined your books with paper back in high school so they wouldn’t get damaged; only much cuter. It’s the perfect way to renew your notebooks and give them a new cover. What you need is a notebook of any kind, scissors and some fabric stickers or fabric tape. Just line your notebook with the sticker fabric and further decorate it with some of the fabric tape and Voila; you have a super cute notebook cover.

6. Felt Cover



The felt is a loved DIY material because it is so easy to use and it is really cheap. Using felt for your notebook cover is perfect as it is a really fun and easy way to customize it and make it unique. You can even take things a step further and make a cute little character on your cover using the left over felt pieces and materials like buttons. It works just the same as lining your books, only you would have to great sort of like pockets so that the notebook can slide in. Added bonus is that you can reuse this on different notebooks as many times you like.

7. Monogrammed Covers



This is your chance to leave your mark on the notebook covers that you’re going to design. This is a really fun way to put your initials onto your notebook. What you need is faux leather, cardstock or denim; basically anything that is  thicker than paper and some leather cord or twine. Line up the notebook with the material you have chosen then punch holes into the whole notebook. Put the leather cord or twine through the holes and secure the pages. For the style of the monogram it is entirely up to you, but you can try out different techniques and tools to put your initials on your super cute and unique cover.

8. Old Pages Cover



So interesting and cool. You can finally re-purpose those old books that you simply cannot use anymore. Just take out some pages and glue them together. To set the glue firmly and flatten it out, just pass it with an iron. Line your notebook with it and make sure to put it correctly into the flaps. Using whatever kind of art materials you want, further decorate your notebook cover.

9. Cut Out Cover



This is such an easy and adorable way to transform you notebooks. You can literally use this with any design and shape you want. You just need card stock or something thicker than paper and cut out a shape like a heart or a letter. Then take whatever kind of fabric or colorful paper you want and glue it onto the back. Afterwards just line your notebook and you’re good to go.

10. Fabric Scraps Cover



This one is slightly different than the fabric tape one, seeing as how this one is from actual fabric, scraps of it to be precise. This one is a bit more tricky just because it involves a sewing machine but other than that it’s super easy and fun. Sew the scraps you have together in the pattern that you want and then sew them together with linen. wrap your notebook cover with the linen, secure it and there you have; a super cute and unique notebook cover.